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Announcement of Cayin Universal V4.35.0 USB Audio Driver


Using DAP as external sound card to enhance the performance of your computer facility is one of the common practice among CAS users, the process is fairly straight forward if you are using Linux or OS X based computer facilities because these devices support USB Audio Class 2.0 natively. Unfortunately majority of Window based system only support USB Audio Class 1.0 and to fully explore the potential of Hi-Res audio, a device drivers will be required. Depends on the system you are using and the computer skill of the users, the driver installation process can be more tedious then expected, especially after Microsoft implemented the Driver Signature Enforcement practice.

As user experience becomes an indispensable part of a modern sound system, Cayin has taken the need of our customers seriously and developed three proprietary USB Drivers for all Cayin USB-based products.

Choice of Driver: v3.3 vs v4.35

1. There are two versions of Cayin Universal USB Audio Driver available for Windows 7 and above, v3.30 and v4.35.

2. If you are using Cayin USB Driver V3.30 and your Cayin devices are working correctly, there is no need to upgrade your USB Audio Driver to v4.35. The purpose of V4.35 USB Audio Driver is to resolve the incompatibility with latest Windows 10 installations.

3. The following table illustrates the recommended USB Audio Driver for different Cayin USB products as of today:

4. The V4.35.0 USB Audio Driver is recommended for all Cayin DAP products, iDAC-6 and the 280A amplifier.

5. If your Cayin USB products can only support V3.30 USB Audio Driver, it might not be able to work with latest Windows 10 computers correctly; we shall investigate the feasibility to develop new firmware for these products so that they can use V4.35 in the future.

A new experience at your finger tips

The advantages of Cayin Universal USB Audio Driver are:

1. The device drive can install like any regular application, there is no need to connect the audio equipment to the computer facility in advance (with exception of Windows XP system).

2. Once installed, Cayin USB-based products that support the same USB Audio Driver will become a plug-and-play device with your Window based facilities, there is no need to switch to another driver when you change your Cayin equipment.

3. The driver is designed to explore full potential of your Cayin USB-based audio equipment. For example, iDAC-6 can now operate in ASIO native mode to achieve DSD256 native decoding.

Installation Procedure

Usb Driver Device Manager

1. Please be reminded that the Cayin Universal USB Audio Driver is available in three versions, download the appropriate version from Cayin website ( according to the previous table.

· Windows 7 and above ( V4.35.0):

· Windows 7 and above ( V3.30.0):

· Windows XP and Vista:

Due to the unique system requirement of Windows XP, you must connect your Cayin USB based audio equipment to your computer when you install the Cayin Universal USB Audio Driver, otherwise the system will fail to complete the installation. Computers running Windows 7 and above does not required a USB connection during installation.

2. If you have installed V3.30 USB Audio Driver previously and wanted to upgrade to V4.35, please uninstall the previous USB Audio Driver first and then install V4.35.0 driver to avoid system errors.

3. Most Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 systems can install the v4.35 Audio Driver directly. However, if you are using Windows 10 v1607 or subsequent versions and encountered installation failure, you’ll need to modify the setting of Driver Signature Enforcement which is located at the Advanced option of Trouble Shooting Screen. You can access to Trouble Shooting screen with the following procedure:

After restarting process finish, the Troubleshoot option will be available, please select “Advanced” option in the next screen select restart again to gain access to Startup Settings.


Apple Usb Driver Download

Download Spark USB Devices Driver

The following instruction will base on a Windows 7 system installation.

4. Extract the installation package after download and you’ll receive an .exe file. Double click to start the installation process.

5. Select “Next” at the Installation Welcome Screen of the System Setup function.

6. Confirm the Driver installation Location, unless you have customized your system setup specifically, we recommend you to accept the default installation location and select “Install” to proceed.



7. The system will extract all the necessary files to the specified location, this might take a while, please wait patiently.

8. After all driver components have been extracted, Window Security will prompt you again before the actual installation, tick the “Always trust software from” box and select “Install” to proceed.

9. Windows will install the Cayin Universal Audio Driver from here on, and inform you when the process is completed. You will be reminded to reconnect your USB device at the end of the installation.

10. After the installation is completed, you should notice a blue Cayin icon will be displayed at the Notification Area, now you can connect your Cayin USB-based audio equipment to your computer. We shall use Cayin N5 MK2 DAP to illustrate subsequent procedure but the process should be fairly similar with other equipment.

11. Set the USB mode of N5 MK2 to DAC (System Setup menu) and connect your N5 MK2 to your computer with a micro USB to standard USB cable, N5 MK2 screen will detect and display an DAC connection screen.

12. Double click the icon and you’ll open up the Cayin Control Panel. You can monitor the operation status of your Cayin equipment here.

13. You need to specify the system output device before you can use the Cayin USB-based audio equipment properly. Go to Hardware and Sound page of Control Panel, select the Sound option, and set the Cayin device as the default output in the Playback tag.

14. Now everything is set and ready,. You could open any music streaming Apps (plug and play, no need any other settings) like Foobar2000 in your computer and put on your headphone to enjoy your CAS system