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SIGLENT provides comprehensive firmware and software for all of its electronic test and measurement equipment with updates available here as needed. Specktron Middle East P. Box: 34860, #2801 JBC5, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, U.A.E. T +971 4 4390 560 F +971 4 3697 816. Specktron HongKong 9/F, SPA Centre, 55 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai. Insert the Spectrum Digital USB Driver CD-ROM in the computers CD-ROM drive and install the device drivers. 701905 Spectrum Digital CAD model download, Octopart. 00 XDS510 USB power is a hardware problem. Furthermore, this is an excellent platform to develop. Your account at your fingertips. Sign in for the easiest way to view and pay your bill, manage your account, watch TV anywhere and more.


If you have been frustrated by the lack of support from Digital Spectrum for your Digital Spectrum digital frame (ex., MF 801, MF 1040, MV 1500, etc.), HELP is now available!

Since there is no longer a person available to answer calls for Digital Spectrum, the head of sales and business development for Vodality (a digital sign company with digital frame roots) is willing to answer questions and provide support for Digital Spectrum digital frame owners!

Email your concerns to [email protected] and please leave a phone number where you can be reached for a return call.

If the frame is under warranty (one year), it can be repaired at no charge and returned to you but you will have to pay the shipping charges to get it there.

If the frame is out of warranty, you will receive a repair quote and you will be responsible for the shipping charges both ways. In most cases, this will probably be less expensive solution than buying a new frame.

Additionally, parts for many of the frames, such as adapters, remotes, and stands are still available on line at the DSI Store.

I would appreciate your feedback about this service, which should prove very helpful to many of the visitors to my site.

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Download Spectrum Digital Driver

UPDATE: Digital Spectrum - The Phaseout of Consumer Digital Frames

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Tech support may not be available. NOTE: PLEASE SEE ABOVE FOR SUPPORT! You can always contact me, however, if you have a technical problem with a Digital Spectrum frame. I will do my best to come up with a viable solution for you.Digital Spectrum Solutions, Inc., located in Irvine, California, had been manufacturing digital frames since 2001. Please see above for more current info.

Available in 8', 10', 12', 15' and 17' sizes, the digital frames are manufactured under the brand names of MemoryFrame (MF), MemoryVue (MV), NuTouch (NT) and NuVue (NV).

The frames range from simple digital picture frames that just display photos to multi-media frames that add audio and video capabilities to wireless and web-enabled frames. Also included are a number of digital frames with digital signage software to be used specifically for digital signage solutions in commercial retail and industrial settings.

Memory Frame (MF) - Ultra Thin Digital Spectrum Digital Frames:

TheMF-801(8.4'), MF-1041(10.4') and the MF-1201(12.4') are included in the Ultra-Thin frame type and all have interchangeable magnetic faceplates and wood frames.

The MF-801 and MF-1201 have black wood frames, while the MF-1041 has an espresso wood frame. All have 512MB of internal memory, ratios of 4:3 and can display photos as well as play audio and video files.

Please see my in-depth review of the MF-801.

Please see the update below on the future plans of Digital Spectrum regarding the company's phaseout of consumer digital frames.




Memory Frame (MF) - Wireless Digital Spectrum Digital Frames:

The Wireless Digital Spectrum frames all have changeable frames to suit any decor and come with 256MB of internal memory. All are IP addressable and connect wirelessly to an internal home network and/or through a wireless router for Internet to photo sharing sites. They differ slightly in the photo sharing sites each can connect to. They are not compatible with Mac Operating Systems or Windows 7.

The MF-8000,the 8' wireless digital frame and the MF-8115,the 15” frame can both share photos with My Memory Frame (Digital Spectrum), Flickr, FrameChannel, Window LiveSpaces and Webshots photo sharing sites.

The MF-8104 is a 10.4' wireless digital frame that is RSS enabled and can share over the Internet, with Bluetooth and from frame to frame. Photo sharing sites include Facebook, Flickr, Webshots, Picasa, Photobucket and MSN. This wireless digital frame also connects with FrameChannel to receive customized content.




Memory Frame (MF) Decor Digital Frames:

The MF-810, 810S, 800-Plus and 1040-Plus are unique digital frames in that they can all transfer directly from a digital camera without a memory card. All are capable of fitting virtually any 8'x10' picture frame to match any decor. An 8x10 frame is included with each.

The MF-810, a 10.4' 8x10 MemoryFrame is a stand-alone, digital picture frame which can only display photos.

The MF-810S is the stereo audio version of the MF-810 and is touted by Digital Spectrum as the only product of its kind to be compatible with both USB cameras as well as USB card-readers for Compact Flash (CF), SmartMedia (SM), SecureDigital (SD), MultiMediaCard (MMC), MicroDrive, and MemoryStick memory cards. The Digital Spectrum's MemoryFrame models operate with the vast majority of USB Mass Storage compliant digital cameras in use today.

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The MF-1040 Plus is the 10.4' version that display, and has video and audio capabilities.


MF-800 Plus

MF-1040 Plus

MEMORYVUE (MV)-Multi-Media Frames:

The 12.1' MV-1210 Plus, 15' 1500 Plus in black or gold and 17' 1700 Plus in either black or gold are the older models dating back to 2007. They are all multi-media frames, capable of displaying photos and playing audio and video files as well.

MV-1210 Plus

MV-1500 Plus-Black

MV-1500 Plus-Gold

MV-1700 Plus-Black

MV-1700 Plus-Gold

NuTouch(NT) Touch Screen Frame:

The NuTouch NT-700 is a 7' touch screen frame with a touch sensor array which lights up for easy use and disappears while a slideshow is playing. It displays photos and has an audio slideshow function. This Digital Spectrum frame has an internal battery with 2 hours play time, making it portable as well.


NuVue(NV) Stand-Alone Digital Photo Frame:

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The NV-710 is a 7' lightweight stand-alone digital frame which displays only photos. It comes with a pink plastic frame encased in a larger clear acrylic frame.


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Digital Spectrum Frames for COMMERCIAL DIGITAL SIGNAGE:

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These special frames come in 4 models--10.4”, 12”, 15” and 17”. These are relatively low cost frames (the 10.4” is $349), which come with digital signage software for use in locations such as waiting areas, shop fronts, restaurants, menu boards, Houses of Worship, real estate offices, repair shops, schools, colleges, service areas, etc. Any message can be displayed, such as special offers, what’s new, on sale, clearance, services, welcome, holiday specials, announcements and more.

Please note as in the Update above, Digital Spectrum is expanding its Commercial Digital Signage frame division to accommodate businesses with larger frame needs. The frames sizes will go as high as 42' and will be available for use in locations such as airports.

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