Download Thales E-transactions Driver

Download Thales E-transactions Driver

The Expert's Smart Card Tool. VSEC:TOOL K3.0 is the only minidriver smart card tool you'll ever need. The application has all the rich smart card management features required such as.

  1. Sentinel SuperPro Driver- download from Thales Group; or download from Sentinel Protection Installer 7.7.0. Note XPSWMM 2020.1 comes with Sentinel Protection Installer 7.6.9. Microsoft Visual C Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 latest version XPSWMM/XPStorm 2019.1 and above.
  2. Drivers that could be installed, our Legacy and our Internet Installer versions. Our Internet Installer is our latest version of the driver, which allows any user to run a simple executable, and install our driver. This version will install documentation, a small utility called SetupSysDriver.exe, the driver and modify registry entries.
  3. Thales e-transactions. Forges de zeebrugge s.a. Thales alenia space etca s.a. Thales information systems. Thales security asia pte ltd. Thales security solutions & services s.a.
  4. Download Realtek USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet 10/100M Controller Driver 10.28. OS support: Windows (all). Category: Networking.

If you purchased an Isadora 3 USB Key License, you'll need to install drivers on your computer to use your USB Key.


Please make sure that you have downloaded the USB Key Driver.

  • Go to our Get It page
  • Under the 'RELATED DOWNLOADS' section, find 'USB Key Driver (Required if you use a USB Key)'
  • Click on the Mac or Windows symbol to the right (as appropriate for your operating system).
  • Download the drivers
  • Restart your computer

Download Thales E-transactions Driver Windows 7

You can also follow the links below to download the latest version of the USB Key installer from the website of Thales.

Download Thales E-transactions Driver Download

If you can't download the drivers with one of the options above, please contact us.