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Driver version may differ depending on the wireless adapter installed. Driver: Windows 7, 32-bit. Windows 7, 64-bit. 21.40.5 Latest: 2/18/2020: Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers for Windows 8.1. This download record installs Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software 21.40.5 including driver. May 13, 2020 Hi, apologies if I don't follow the correct protocol - first ever time posing on a Forum! I have a Viglen Connect 10' Tablet & Keyboard (from Tesco) and after reinstalling Windows 10 / refreshing the Tablet, I have no sound devices and some hardware with driver problems, as follows: 'No Audio.


Installs the Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 64-bit for use with the Intel® NUCs NUC8i7HNK and NUC8i7HVK. This driver is necessary to use Intel® Quick Sync transcoding capabilities.

Important note

The primary graphics driver for the NUC8i7HNK and NUC8i7HVK is the Radeon™ driver. If you don't install both the Intel HD Graphics driver and the Radeon driver, you might experience the following problems:

  • Unstable graphics
  • Can't set up multiple displays
  • Applications crash after opening


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  • This is a DCH driver. Click for more information about DCH drivers.


Supported OS versions

  • Microsoft Windows® 10-64 - Fall Creators Update (1709)(RS3)
  • Microsoft Windows 10-64 - April 2018 Update (1803)(RS4)
  • Microsoft Windows 10-64 - October 2018 Update (1809)(RS5)
  • Microsoft Windows 10-64 May 2019 Update (1903)(19H1)
  • Microsoft Windows 10-64 November 2019 Update (1909)(19H2)
  • Microsoft Windows 10-64 May 2020 Update (2004)(20H1)

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Not sure if this is the right driver for your Intel® NUC?

Run Intel® Driver & Support Assistant to automatically detect driver updates.

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Hello all,
i recently got hold of a laptop free its a viglen 2700T laptop specs
Pentium III 1ghz
512mb RAM
Win 98SE
Basically the cd drive did not work, it would be detected in bios and would show in windows under my computer but if you double click on the drive it would display the message Cd drive is not accesble please try again. I tried booting with a XP Pro cd and it did not rekonise the cd.
I have bought a new cd drive and got PC WORLD (uk main pc store) to fit it. This cost £30 and i have just got back to test it and its not working (same problem). I forgot to take my power lead to PC WORLD so they could not test it themselves... i agreed to let them do the work without testing (i kno my bad)
My question is does anyone know what is wrong with it? I now know how to fit these myself so if it involves going into the laptop i will not hesitate.
Please please please help me i need this to install format the hdd as its in such a mess.
Thanks alot in advance