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Success Story Yost Engineering, Inc. The Honorable Jean Schmidt (R) District 2 301 Existing Businesses 220 Pre-ventures 521 Total Clients Yost Engineering, Inc., located in Portsmouth, is a full research and development facility for both software and hardware, and serves customers in the healthcare and technology industries. Yost Labs sells a product line of miniature, high-precision, high-reliability, Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) / Inertial Measurement Units (IMU), orientation sensor packages.

I wanted to share this finding. It is a book, divided in chapters, available for online reading for free. What makes me much more confident and therefore probably you as well is, that it tries to describe everything in the most easiest ways, since formulas are often hard to read. That's true for me! This book presents the formula, a simpler description of it, and -my personal favorite- a pseudo-basic routine!Engineering
Download yost engineering driver courseIn this basic routine, nothing special is used, just variables, arrays and for-next-loops. Nothing else. This helps me a lot understanding the algorithmic approach of dsp. It might help you as well.

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DriverThe book covers pretty much everything, from convolution, dft, fft, fft convolution, moving average filters, windowed-sinc filters, etc. The book is missing 2 chapters, 32 and 33, which are about laplace- and z-transform, but I think the time you reach that chapters you should be able to understand other publications as well.

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