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  • ` Far-field audio front end softDSP ` Acoustic echo cancellation ` PAmbient noise reduction ` GBeamforming ` CBarge-in ` Playback processing ` Codecs ` Wake word inference engine ` Media player/streamer ` MQTT, lwIP, TLS ` Discovery and onboarding ` All drivers, including Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth ` 40 mm x 30 mmSupported by MCUXpresso SDK, IDE.
  • Alexa, Alexa Built-in, and Far-Field Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Alexa is a virtual assistant AI technology developed by Amazon, first used in the Amazon Echo smart speakers.
  • Test VID/PID (See below) 0x03EB. Mouse Demo Application. Keyboard Demo Application.

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Software Download

File nameDateVersion Size

1. Upgrade
A. Load/Save State
B. Save Measurement data
C. Internal auto ETS Calibration
2. Bug fix
A. revised FFT.dll
B. Save Image(Horizontal Position)



2.3 22.6MB





serial: 'demo' for demo mode
OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
Only for SDS 200




SoftScope Firmware upgrade Kit.
1. Unpack the zip file at 'c:firmwareup'
2. Read the readme.txt and follow the instructions.




You can use SoftScope 2.2.1 for both SDS 200 and SDS 200A.
This version doesn't support demo mode.
You must not upgrade device driver/firmware if you're using SDS 200A.

Check to which group your SDS 200 is belong.

Group A

If serial number is of the form XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

If serial number is from 02-01XXXXB to 02-06XXXXB

If serial number is of the form 03-07XXXXB

If serial number is from 03-080001B to 03-080314B

Group B

If serial number is later than 03-080315B

Download the Fimrware upgrade kit also if you're using SDS 200 of GroupA.

3GPP Turbo decoder simulation MS-DOS program
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP
12/17/20011.0 208K Download now

System File Download

Drivers Softpedia

File nameDateVersion Size
wdpnp.sys device driver
OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
23KDownload now
sds200.inf information file
OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
2KDownload now

Document Download

File nameDateVersion Size
SDS 200 English User's Guide09/16/20021.3 1.0MB Download now
SDS 200 Japanese User's Guide09/16/20021.3 1.0MB Download now
SDS 200 English Leaflet12/17/20011.0 648K Download now
Turbo decoder presentation12/17/20011.0 668K Download now

Drivers Softpedia Safe

Drivers softpedia safe

NXP Semiconductors provides i.MX RT106L and i.MX RT106F EdgeReady cross processors. Solution-specific edge computing devices rely on the advanced implementation of the Arm Cortex-M7 processing core, which can support up to 600MHz operation. Each device has 1 MB of SRAM memory and a range of connection options (including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and Thread). Processors can provide more and more next-generation functions required in IoT and smart industrial deployments.

The i.MX RT106L device enables developers to easily and economically add far-field voice control functions based on local commands to various IoT, smart retail and smart industry devices. The processor has all the key functional elements for automatic speech recognition (such as analog front-end softDSP, media player and streaming media, and automatic speech recognition engine for local commands and wake-up words). It is also combined with the SLN-LOCAL-IOT solution for local voice control, which is a fully integrated hardware and software platform that allows OEMs to quickly develop products that provide low-latency dedicated voice control.

NXP i.MX RT106F is optimized for real-time response facial recognition activities. The processor is licensed to run the extensive NXP OASIS runtime library for facial recognition, thereby providing developers with access to a range of useful functions (including camera drivers, face detection, etc.). In addition, the processor also serves as the basis for the SLN-VIZN-IOT solution for facial recognition. This independent software and hardware package provides a ready-to-use implementation, which speeds the time to market for facial recognition products.