Drivers Spectralink

Drivers Spectralink
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CareersAvaya Support - Downloads - HAT Release 4.1.4 for 3641/3645 ...
  • Wi-Fi Intelligence Versity Family of Smartphones. Spectralink is leading the way with the ability to support mission critical communications by monitoring user experience on the Wi-Fi network and providing both device and call performance metrics to ensure optimal connectivity.
  • Spectralink 8000 Series SRP Software - WTB1xx, WTExx (122.025) Spectralink 8000 Series SRP Software - WTB1xx, WTExx (122.025) Downloads: 2012-01-05: English: Comprehensive Release Notes for Spectralink 80-Series SRP: Comprehensive Release Notes for Spectralink 80-Series SRP: Downloads.
  • This is the download for the Handset Administration Tool (HAT) Release 4.1.4 software for the Avaya 3641, 3645, 6120, and 6140 IP Wireless Handset.
  • HI, We have on Aruba Network Polycom 8440 (Firmware 4.2.1), which don't want roam on AP with better signal strength: the speech is cutted until it roams. Polycom 8440 prefers to stay on an AP with -85, -90 dbm even if it is under an another AP (1 meter). Is there on configuration files, somethi.


AMiE Advanced Server
Spectralink Versity 92-Series (V92) Handset
SAM - Spectralink Application Management Other
Versity - Spectralink 95 & 96-Series Handset
CMS Management System Server
QNC - Quick Network Connector Other
PIVOT (Spectralink 87- Series) Handset
Spectralink Wireless Telephone Installation & Configuration Tool (SLIC) Other
Spectralink 8020 Wireless Telephone Handset
Spectralink 8030 Wireless Telephone Handset
Spectralink 8002 Wireless Telephone Handset
Spectralink e340 Wireless Telephone Handset
Spectralink 84-Series Wireless Telephone Handset
Spectralink h340 Wireless Telephone Handset
Spectralink i640 Wireless Telephone Handset
Spectralink 80-Series SVP Server Server
Spectralink 80-Series Telephony Gateway Gateway
Spectralink 8000 OAI Gateway Gateway
Spectralink NCC101 Configuration Cradle Other
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