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Course Certificates Home Page

TDLR-licensed Driver Education Schools, Parent Taught Providers and Driving Safety Course Providers: After you Log In, you may browse our Store to select and purchase certificates and certificate numbers.

As an alternative to purchasing online, confirmed schools or providers may order certificates and/or numbers by mail. To do so, please fill out the proper certificate request form below and mail the completed form with a check or money order to:

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Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
P.O. Box 12157
Austin, TX 78711

Certificate Request Forms

Telecom Italia Spa

  • If you are a Driver Education School - provide signature of the driver education school owner or school director
    on form: DE-964 Driver Education Certificate Order Form
    or ADE-1317 Adult Driver Education Certificate Order Form.
  • If you are a Driving Safety Course Provider - provide signature of the course provider or designee
    on form: DS-230 Driving Safety Certificate Number Order Form.
  • If you are a Public School - provide signature of college/university administrator, chief school official, education service center director or the designee
    on form: DE-964E Public School Certificate Order Form. ) If you have not submitted a certificate order for more than a year, please complete the Approval Request form.
  • If you are a Parent-Taught Course Provider - provide signature of the parent-taught course provider
    on form: DE-964 Parent Taught Driver Education Certificate Order Form.

Regarding certificate numbers: New schools and course providers must submit a draft of the certificate form for approval before an order for numbers is processed.

If you have questions, please contact our Customer Service Department by email at [email protected]; or by phone at (800) 803-9202 or (512) 463-6599.

What is the wallet-size plastic card that may possibly bring you even more benefits than your credit card? Don’t be thinking for long – it’s a driving license, your pass to mobility and comfort. You haven’t got one yet? Why not start working on obtaining it? Right now, without leaving your home, you can use our PA Drivers Test Simulator below, which is based on the new 2021 PA Driver’s Handbook. It doesn’t give you a driving license but it brings you as close to passing your DOT Permit Test as you can wish for.
Our practice test consists of 40 multiple-choice questions with four answer options each. Click the answer that is most accurate to the best of your knowledge. You may want to use our hints before making your choice – they’re really helpful. Our intuitive interface features the progress bar on the left-hand size of the screen that will show you how well you’re doing. If you make a mistake, don’t be upset – everyone makes them. Just read the explanation and try to understand what the problem is. Oh yes, a piece of good news – the test is 100% free. Yes, just like that – no direct or hidden payments, no registration or logging in. So why wait – start now with the first question. Tell your friends on Twitter about our free PA drivers test simulator!

Rating: 4.38 out of 5 based on 324 votes. Based on 2021 PA driver's license manual Instant feedback
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324 votes - average 4.38 out of 5
Drivers Tditaliaspa
Passing score required at the PA DOT: 83%
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Unlock a HUGE set of exam-like questions

If you only study the official manual, your chances of passing the written knowledge test are only about 49 percent. The guide they give you at the DMV isn’t written to promote rapid learning. No matter how smart you are, it has a way to make you feel dumb: there are way too many things to remember all at once. How do you even know what you'll be tested on?

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Pennsylvania DOT Permit Test Facts

How many questions:18
How many correct answers to pass:15
Passing score:83%
Minimum age to apply for Non-Commercial Learner's Permit16

PA DOT Driver's Handbook

View the most recent (2021) official PA DOT Driver's License Handbook.


PA DOT Practice Test App

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Download our free iOS or Android app and practice for your driving test offline or on the go.

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