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Ultra Electronics Card Systems recently announced that the Prima 4 reverse-transfer printer from its Magicard series of ID card printers has successfully completed the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Evaluation Program for certification of the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201 card printer specification. Data center, mobile computing, networking, security, storage, and more. We have the technology products and services to meet your organization’s needs.

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Weymouth, United Kingdom – Ultra ID, the UK-based manufacturer of Magicard ID card printers, announces its new retransferID card printer, Helix.

Helix introduces the kind of innovations that Magicard products are renowned for. Its intuitive touch screen, with print preview and supplies indicators, provides an easy-to-use interface to a robust, high-volume print engine boasting an impressive array of features.

David Worsdell, Ultra ID’s Global Marketing Manager, said: “Over the past few months, we have previewed the Helix at key trade shows on every continent. Feedback from the industry has been overwhelmingly positive and we are already taking pre- orders. With its intuitive user interface and built-in security options, Helix delivers a compelling feature set at a competitive price point.”Helix is the World’s first retransfer printer with built-in visual security. Using an evolution of Magicard’s famous HoloKoteTM security feature, Helix can apply a secure watermark to each card during the retransfer process. This feature also exploits the wavelengths and lens effect of the retransfer film to fluoresce under UV lighting conditions.

Helix also features Magicard’s double-sided field upgrade feature, high capacity ribbons and hoppers and is backed by Magicard’s market-leading three year hot-swap warranty with a lifetime warranty on the printhead.

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reduce costs and make card printing quick, secure and simple.

Magicard is pleased to announce the fresh redesign of one of its leading ID card printers: introducing the Enduro+.

The Enduro+ provides professional, fraud proof ID card printing technology, helping to reduce costs and make card printing quick, secure and simple.

Perfect for schools, colleges and medium sized businesses that print up to 10,000 cards per year, the Enduro+ brings upgraded features to Magicard’s best-selling Enduro card printer.

The Enduro+ is affordable and easy to use, giving you the power to take control of ID card production and eliminate the costs and delays associated with outsourcing.
The original Enduro printer was launched in 2008 and is Magicard’s most popular card printing machine, with many tens of thousands installed worldwide.

In developing the Enduro+, Magicard listened to the needs of its customers - schools, colleges, successful SMEs and events organisations around the world to create an upgraded printer that will meet the demands of a fast-changing global business environment. New features include Ethernet network connectivity, increased memory, more encoding options and even better image clarity.


Features which make the Enduro+ outstanding:
? Ethernet connectivity to enable remote printing from any of your offices
? Improved colour mapping for better photo clarity and improved accuracy of identification
? Multiple encoding options
? Rewrite technology
? Easily upgradeable from single to double sided printing
? Secure watermarking with Magicard’s patented HoloKote feature

The Enduro+ is designed to evolve with your organisation: users have the freedom to install upgrades as they go, expanding the printer’s abilities to match growing demands. This makes the Enduro+ an extremely cost effective investment.

“When we redesigned our best-selling printer we listened to what our customers wanted”, explains Andy Matko, Managing Director of Ultra Electronics Card Systems. “You asked for more flexibility, improved connectivity and even better print quality, and I am confident that the Enduro+ delivers on all of these.” He continued: “One of the great things about the Enduro+ is that it evolves with your company's needs, making it a future-proof solution. It’s also excellent value for money, at the same price as the original Enduro”

Magicard is a member of Ultra Electronics Holdings plc, an international aerospace, defence and security group. With 4,500 employees, located mainly across the UK and North America, Ultra Electronics concentrates on obtaining a technology edge in niche markets, with many of its products and technologies being market leaders in their field.

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