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Drivers All drivers for ViewSonic products can be found on the Drivers section of (click here). At the same time, on my laptop external monitor was work after many actions with drivers, uefi, etc. And in the end I don't understand what factors can help me in past to connect with monitor. But I can say, that external monitor works at first time after install drivers and rebooting pc, I think. The drivers found on monitor web sites only install color palettes to assist rendering. Did you install the graphics driver for your notebook? In fact i see HP has multiple choices for graphics drivers, both AMD and Intel and one for Intel specifically if running Win 10 version 1607.

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  • Option 1: Download from the ViewSonic Website

    1. Go to

    2. Enter the Product Name. For example, VX2435WM or VX1940W.

    3. Select the driver based on the operating system of your computer.

    4. Click on Open to start the installation. If you select Save, double-click on the downloaded file, and the installation process will start.

    5. Note: The downloaded file is a zipped file. If you do not have a program that can unzip the downloaded file, you will need to download or purchase a decompression utility such as Winzip.

    6. Once you have decompressed (unzipped) the file, double click on it and follow the prompts that appear on your screen. If you see a message from Windows, click on 'continue anyway'.

    7. Once the installation is complete, restart you computer system. Upon restart your system should automatically detect and select the appropriate monitor driver.

  • Option 2: Install from the Installation CD

    1. Insert the ViewSonic Wizard CD that accompanied the monitor into the CD drive. The wizard should start automatically.

    2. Follow the installation instructions. If you are selecting to do a Custom install, be sure to select the ViewSonic .inf file installation.

    3. Click on the 'Settings' Tab

    4. Upon restart your system should automatically detect and select the appropriate monitor driver.

  • If the Wizard does not start automatically

    1. Open the 'My Computer' icon on your desktop. (Windows XP users can click on Start > My Computer instead).

    2. Locate the drive icon that contains the CD — right click on it and select Explore to view the contents of the CD.

    3. Open the VSFiles folder and then the corresponding operating system folder (9x/Me, 2000, XP) to obtain the drivers.

Getting a Microsoft Windows 10 laptop connected to a projector or TV can be the most annoying part of getting ready for a presentation. Here’s everything you need to know to get up and running.

Making a Wired Connection

There are so many different types of display ports. So there are many different ways your laptop might connect to a TV or projector.

TechnologyPhotoCable Required
HDMIStandard HDMI cable. Audio routed.
DisplayPortDisplayPort to HDMI cable. Audio routed.
Mini HDMIMini HDMI to HDMI cable. Audio routed.
VGA VGA to VGA cable. Audio not routed.
USB/DisplayLink Adapter allows video through USB to HDMI or VGA.

Connect via any of the methods above and ensure the input selection on the TV or projector is toggled to the input you are using with your laptop.

Laptop Connection Settings

Viewsonic Drivers Monitor Windows 10

Once connected, hold down the Windows Key and press “P” to toggle the selection to the desired setting:

  • Duplicate
  • Extend
  • Second screen only

In some cases, you may need to utilize the “fn” key and one of the function keys (F3, F4, F5) along the top of the keyboard.

Common Problems

Driver Update Needed

It is common (especially on Lenovo ThinkPad machines) to experience problems connecting your laptop to a TV or projector. If the video is blank on one screen or flashes black or white, an upgrade to the display adapter drivers usually fixes the issue.

There have been some occasions where a BIOS update has fixed a display problem.

Drivers Viewsonic Crop Laptops & Desktops Computers

To obtain the latest display adapter drivers and BIOS software, visit the website of manufacturer of your laptop. You may also be able to simply Google the “model number of your laptop + display drivers.


Start With Everything Off

In some cases, you may need to start with both the laptop and projector off. Once you have the proper cable connected, turn the projector on. Once the projector is started, power on the laptop. This order is usually the most successful.