Drivers Wacom Port Devices

Drivers Wacom Port Devices
  1. When connecting the tablet to the 3.0 port the BUS Class = roothub with driver xhcihcd will handle the device but the driver will be usbhid / 12M (so the device is still USB 1.1).
  2. Select Updates to see what (if any) updates are available for your Wacom product. Important: Your Wacom product must be connected to your computer to see available updates. If updates are available, select the respective link and carefully follow all instructions as you update your driver or product.

This will launch the device manager. Locate the Walcom tablet from the device list, right-click it and choose 'Update driver.' A new window pops up asking if you want to automatically or manually update the drivers. Select the second option (manually). Browse and connect the drivers to the location you downloaded.

For Tablets and Windows Devices with Wacom Pen Technology Components

This Wacom Components driver offers added features for most pen input tablets or computers that use Wacom’s pen technology. To verify whether your tablet or computer can take advantage of this driver, please download the driver and run the installer. If the driver does not work for your tablet or computer, a ‘Computer unsupported’ message will appear. Click the ‘Close’ button and the installer will cancel and leave your system unchanged.
Drivers wacom port devices download Bamboo Ink and Bamboo Ink Plus work with compatible pen-enabled devices that feature Wacom AES technology or Microsoft Pen Protocol. Windows 10 contains a pen driver that supports Bamboo Ink and Bamboo Ink Plus without requiring a Wacom driver (the Windows Inbox driver*). The Windows Inbox driver is the only driver available for all tablets and computers that use the Microsoft Pen Protocol, such as all Microsoft-branded devices.

After installing this driver on your Windows device with Wacom’s pen technology, your tablet or computer can take advantage of the following Wacom optimized pen features:

  • Pen tip pressure sensitivity adjustment for better control of drawing and handwriting.
  • More productivity enhancing options for pen button(s) and on-screen functions.
  • Programmable Bluetooth button functions to provide quick access to applications and functions (for pens with a Bluetooth button).
  • Pressure sensitivity in graphic applications that require Wintab**.

How to install the driver:
  • Click the Download button.
    • Note: If you are upgrading from a previous Lenovo Pen Settings Driver version: for best results, uninstall the current driver first and restart the system prior to installing the new driver.
  • Double-click on the downloaded file to launch the installer and follow the prompts.

* Inbox drivers are drivers that Microsoft ships with Windows 'in the box'. They are the drivers that are listed under PackagesDrivers in the distribution share.
** Wintab is a software interface for Windows computers that have pen tablets connected. It is mostly used by graphics applications.

For resolved and known issues view the Driver Release Notes


Choosing an STU

In addition to price considerations please bear in mind the following factors:

  1. If you want to use your signature pad over RDP then there are currently (Feb 2021) two options:
  • Purchase a separate USB forwarding tool to handle the pen data over the network connection)

  • Choose an STU which operates serially i.e. the 430V (a serial STU) or 540 (which can be switched into serial mode if needed)

    NOTE: The uploading of colour images over a serial connection to a colour STU is too slow to be user-friendly and for this reason the 540 allows for the pre-uploading of images into ROM for superior response times. This requires special handling in the application.

  1. If you need to capture signatures over Citrix then please see our Citrix Compatibility list

  2. The 300, 430 and 430V provided limited screen space so if you need to display a lot of information for the user to read prior to signing then it would probably be better to choose a 540.

  3. The STU-541 is primarily aimed at installations where a high degree of security is required in the data transmission between the pad and the PC. The 541 uses TLS encryption to deliver this.

STU Device Specifications

ModelPressure levelsSampling rateMax. resolutionActive screen areaI/OMonochrome/colour
STU-300*512200 Hz396 x 10099 x 25 mmUSBMonochrome
STU-300B512200 Hz396 x 10099 x 25 mmUSBMonochrome
STU-4301024200 Hz320 x 20096 x 60 mmUSBMonochrome
STU-430V1024200 Hz320 x 20096 x 60 mmSerialMonochrome
STU-500*512200 Hz640 x 480102 x 76 mmUSB or serialMonochrome
STU-520*512200 Hz800 x 480104 x 60 mmUSBColour
STU-5301024200 Hz800 x 480108 x 65 mmUSBColour
STU-5401024200 Hz800 x 480108 x 65 mmUSB or serialColour
STU-5411024200 Hz800 x 480108 x 65 mmUSBColour

Models marked with a '*' are no longer in production

STU Driver

Download and run Wacom-STU-Driver-5.4.5.exe


The driver is required to use colour STU signature pads with the STU SDK and Wacom Signature SDK.The driver is also required when using any STU signature pad on Windows 8 or 8.1.


The driver is required for the colour display STU signature pads and also when using any of the STU signature pads on Windows 8.1.
It allows the device to use USB Bulk Transfer to handle the transfer of increased image data size (compared with the mono STU tablets).
On Windows 8 and 8.1 it also disables the Enhanced Power Management setting.

The driver installation merely configures the USB interface for the STU tablet and can be used in all configurations without any detrimental effect.

The need for installation is dependent on the STU model and Windows version as follows:

STU ModelWindows 7Windows 8Windows 10
STU-300, STU-500Not requiredRequired to prevent power save disconnectNot required
STU-520Required for faster image uploadRequired for faster image upload and to prevent power save disconnectRequired for faster image upload
STU-430Not requiredNot requiredNot required
STU-530Required for faster image uploadNot requiredRecommended for optimum image upload speed
STU-540Required for faster image uploadNot requiredRecommended for optimum image upload speed
STU-541Required for faster image uploadNot requiredRecommended for optimum image upload speed

If in any doubt we recommend installing it.


Using Wacom-STU-Driver.exe
  • Check that the STU tablet has been disconnected before running the installer.
  • Download the .exe and run it directly from Windows Explorer or in a DOS command line.
  • The .exe autodetects 32 or 64 bit Windows and installs accordingly.

To view the available options use the command:

Drivers Wacom Port Devices

For example, for minimal prompts:

To disable the check for STU connection:

To uninstall the driver:

Note for Windows 7

To use the /q option the installer must be run in elevated mode to give Administrator rights, e.g.:

STU Driver - delete cache


Download and unzip

FunctionFrom zip file
Delete Wacom USB cache exereg-delete-wacom-usb-cache.exe
Companion debug file for use as instructed by Supportreg-delete-wacom-usb-cache.pdb


Installation of an STU tablet.


Wacom Device Lenovo

Use the delete cache utility if the STU appears to be not working after installing the driver and attempting to use STU Utilities
Run from a command line or File Explorer to delete registry entries related to a Wacom USB device:


Syntax: reg-delete-wacom-usb-cache.exe

First disconnect the STU device.
The utility prompts to allow changes to your device.
It then searches for Windows registry entries related to Wacom USB and deletes those found, e.g.:

On completion reconnect the STU device which will then be reloaded by Windows.

STU HID Diagnostic Tool




Installation of an STU tablet.
Colour models require the STU driver
Download and unzip the diagnostic to run on 32 or 64 bit Windows.


Download and use the tool according to the directions provided by your support engineer.
Normally you will need to run the following command in a Dos prompt and email the resulting text file:


Syntax: hidinfo [options]


  • filename displays underlying filename
  • kernel displays kernel handle
  • attr displays HID attributes as reported by HidD
  • caps displays the report IDs of the capabilities
  • all displays everything
  • /? help

Run hidinfo.exe using a Command Prompt:

The STU device report should be similar to one of the following examples:

056a:00a2:0068 [xRW] Manufacturer='Wacom Co.,Ltd.' Product='STU-300' SerialNumber='x0409'
056a:00a1:0101 [xRW] Manufacturer='Wacom Co.,Ltd.' Product='STU-500' SerialNumber='x0409'
056a:00a3:0101 [xRW] Manufacturer='Wacom Co.,Ltd.' Product='STU-520A' SerialNumber='x0409'

In the examples shown, the device accessibility is described as [xRW]

  • The first character ('x' or 's') denotes exclusive or shared access.
  • The second character ('R') denotes read access.
  • The third character ('W') denotes write access.

Note: By default the signature software requires exclusive-read-write access to the device to operate successfully.

In some installations other applications or installed drivers may access the device in shared mode.
In this case, only shared access is possible: [sRW] indicates the device is only available for shared-read-write access.
Note, this will prevent the signature software operating successfully.

If another application has opened the device for exclusive access, then 'hidinfo' will be unable to open the device and will report an error.
This is typically:


'hidinfo' determines the available access by a process of elimination using standard API calls to the Windows CreateFile API.
It will try in sequence:

CreateFile(fileName, GENERIC_READ GENERIC_WRITE, 0 , ...
CreateFile(fileName, GENERIC_READ , 0 , ...
CreateFile(fileName, 0 , 0 , ...
CreateFile(fileName, 0 , FILE_SHARE_READ FILE_SHARE_WRITE, ...

STU Utilities


  1. Download, extract and run the STU Utilities
  2. Download and extract the STU Images


Installation of STU tablet.
Colour models require the STU driver
Download and unzip the 32-bit utilities to run on 32 or 64 bit Windows.


STU Utilities are standalone programs which you can use to test the operation of an STU signature pad.
They can be used without installing the STU SDK.
Where applicable a Console version of the program is included, identified by a C suffix, e.g.

These applications use the Command Prompt and do not display a Window.


Clears the tablet display


Performs a hard reset of the tablet firmware


Reports the tablet detected:

Drivers Wacom Port Devices Download

In addition the test displays properties on the LCD display. e.g.


Reports the Device connected status with real-time pen data:


Sends the specified image file to the device (see /? for options). contains suitable image files:

STU ModelName of image file

Performs a soft reset of the tablet firmware

STU Serial Connection

  • Utilities


Download theSerial Connection UtilitiesandDemoButtons Test tool

The Serial Connection Utilities zip file contains the following tools:

query.exeDisplays STU firmware information
simpleInterface.exeDisplays realtime pen data
hid2serial.exeSwitches from HID to Serial
serial2hid.exeSwitches from Serial to HID
getSerialPorts.exeLists visible COM ports
libeay32.dllEncryption library needed in some Windows installations
DemoButtons.exeTest signature capture via COM port

Wacom Device Driver Lenovo


Certain STU models support the serial communication interface:

  • STU-430V
  • STU-540

The tablets can be configured for:
Human Interface Device (HID) - standard USB connection
Virtual COM Port (VCP) - serial connection over USB

Used in a Command Prompt, the connection utilities provide tools to verify and change the connection mode.


Wacom Graphire Pen Tablet Driver Version 4.94


Use this utility to determine the current state of the tablet.
For a USB connection:

For a serial connection:

If the tablet is in HID mode its status will be reported.
If it is in serial mode the results will be:


To find the COM port use getSerialPorts:

When in serial mode the STU tablet appears as a virtual COM port.The virtual com port can then be used with query, specifying the port name and baudrate:

NOTE for COM10 and above: COM10 and above require special handling. See Microsoft support

->query.exe com6
STU query sample
connecting to com6 128000
Status.statusCode = Ready
Status.lastResultCode = None
Status.statusWord = 00
HidInformation = 056a:00a6:0104
Information.modelName = STU-430V
Information.firmwareMajorVersion = 01
Information.firmwareMinorVersion = 04
Information.secureIc = 0
Information.secureVersion = bb.0.0.0
Capability.tabletMaxX = 9600
Capability.tabletMaxY = 6000
Capability.tabletMaxPressure = 1023
Capability.screenWidth = 320
Capability.screenHeight = 200
Capability.maxReportRate = 200
Capability.resolution = 2540
Capability.encodingFlag = 1bitZlib
Uid = 0x00000000
Uid2 = 5JZQS00032
Eserial - not supported
DefaultMode = Serial
RenderingMode - not supported
ReportRate = 150
HostPublicKey - not supported
DevicePublicKey - not supported
DHprime - not supported
DHbase - not supported
InkingMode = Off
InkThreshold.onPressureMark = 21
InkThreshold.offPressureMark = 16
HandwritingThicknessColor.penColor = 0000
HandwritingThicknessColor.penThickness = 2
BackgroundColor - not supported
HandwritingDisplayArea.upperLeftXpixel = 0
HandwritingDisplayArea.upperLeftYpixel = 0
HandwritingDisplayArea.lowerRightXpixel = 319
HandwritingDisplayArea.lowerRightYpixel = 199
BacklightBrightness - not supported
ScreenContrast - not supported
HandwritingThicknessColor24.penColor = 000000
HandwritingThicknessColor24.penThickness = 2
BackgroundColor24 - not supported
PenDataOptionMode = None
OperationMode - not supported
RomImageHash - not supported
ReportSizeCollection =
PenData 7
Status 5
Reset 2
HidInformation 9
Information 17
Capability 17
Uid 5
Uid2 11
DefaultMode 3
ReportRate 2
RenderingMode -
Eserial -
PenDataEncrypted 17
HostPublicKey -
DevicePublicKey -
StartCapture 5
EndCapture 2
DHprime -
DHbase -
ClearScreen 2
InkingMode 2
InkThreshold 5
ClearScreenArea 11
StartImageDataArea 11
StartImageData 2
ImageDataBlock 256
EndImageData 2
HandwritingThicknessColor 4
BackgroundColor -
HandwritingDisplayArea 9
BacklightBrightness -
ScreenContrast -
HandwritingThicknessColor24 5
BackgroundColor24 -
BootScreen 2
PenDataOption -
PenDataEncryptedOption -
PenDataOptionMode 2
PenDataTimeCountSequenceEncrypted 17
PenDataTimeCountSequence 11
EncryptionCommand 68
EncryptionStatus 17
GetReport -
SetResult -
PinPadData -
PinPadDataEncrypted -
PinOperationMode -
OperationMode -
RomStartImageData -
RomImageOccupancy -
RomImageHash -
RomImageDelete -
CurrentImageArea -
EventData -
EventDataEncrypted -
RomImageDisplay -
160 5
162 5
163 17
171 12
178 3
180 3
181 11
ReportSizeCollection 512


Use this utility to display realtime pen data.
When the pen is in contact or in close proximity of the tablet surface, the X/Y coordinates and pressure values will be reported.

Press Ctrl-C to exit the program.

->simpleInterface.exe com6
STU simpleInterface sample
connecting to com6 128000
getInformation()... modelName=STU-430V firmware=01.04.187
getReportRate()... 150
setPenDataOptionMode(SequenceNumberTimeCount)... ok!
getPenDataOptionMode()... penDataOptionMode=TimeCountSequence
setClearScreen()... ok!
setInkingMode(On)... ok!
(use stylus, press CTRL-C to quit)
rdy sw x y pres time seq
1 1 612 5339 3528 3513 1
1 1 612 5339 3528 3516 2
1 1 614 5339 3528 3523 3
1 1 615 5329 3518 3529 4
1 1 620 5329 3518 3536 5
1 1 624 5329 3518 3543 6
1 1 627 5329 3518 3549 7
1 1 630 5318 3513 3556 8
1 1 632 5307 3506 3563 9
1 1 633 5289 3493 3569 10
1 1 625 5253 3468 3576 11
1 1 593 5189 3422 3583 12
1 1 470 5094 3348 3589 13
1 1 263 4971 3247 3596 14
1 1 64 4819 3111 3603 15
1 0 0 4664 2960 3609 16
1 0 0 4502 2795 3616 17
1 0 0 4356 2634 3623 18
1 0 0 4228 2484 3629 19
1 0 0 4124 2350 3636 20
1 0 0 4068 2263 3643 21
0 0 0 0 0 3696 22
setInkingMode(Off)... ok!
setClearScreen()... ok!
setPenDataOptionMode(None)... ok!


Use this utility to change the STU to serial VCP mode. No parameters are required.
You can verify that the STU is in serial mode by viewing the serial ports with getSerialPorts.exe.
Verify the connection using query.exe:

STU HID2serial sample
Status.statusCode = 0
Status.lastResultCode = 0
Status.statusWord = 00
Information.modelName = STU-540
Information.firmwareMajorVersion = 01
Information.firmwareMinorVersion = 00
Information.secureIc = 0
Information.secureVersion =
Status.statusCode = 0
Status.lastResultCode = 0
Status.statusWord = 00
Rebooting device

In addition you can view the connection in Windows Device Manager.
An HID connection appears as shown below.

Download Wacom Driver Windows 10

A serial connection appears as follows:

Normally Windows automatically installs the FTDI driver needed to create the VCP.If the tablet is reported as the following:

then download and install the driver from:](

For example:


A serial kit is available for the STU-540. It includes:

  • Serial D-type to tablet cable
  • Power supply

When the serial kit is used the tablet must still be switched to serial mode but can be connected to a physical serial port.
In this case a different baud rate is used as follows:


Use this utility to restore the default STU tablet HID connection mode.

You can confirm the HID connection using query.exe.

serial to hid STU query sample
serial2hid serialPort baudRate
{processReadBuffer size=22}
{queued report: size= 17 08 53 54 55 2d 35 34 30 00 00 01 00 00 02 00 00 00}
{removing 22 bytes}
Information.modelName = STU-540
Information.firmwareMajorVersion = 01
Information.firmwareMinorVersion = 00
{processReadBuffer completed
{processReadBuffer size=5}
{queued report: size= 2 81 00}
{removing 5 bytes}
{processReadBuffer completed
{processReadBuffer size=5}
{queued report: size= 2 81 00}
{removing 5 bytes}
{processReadBuffer completed


Captures a signature from the STU pad with options to perform via standard HID mode or via a virtual COM port.
Signature Mode can also be selected for use with the STU 540.