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The Intel® Driver & Support Assistant enables you to scan computing devices for the latest drivers available from Intel. This tool has the main interface hosted on Intel’s support website and provides a more integrated support experience to users. It has an enhanced detection engine to ensure that customers are given complete and accurate information and a scan frequency option to change from a “run-once” tool to a persistent experience that can provide customers with driver updates more quickly.

Products supported: Graphics drivers, wireless networking, Intel® SSDs, Intel® NUCs, and Intel® Compute Sticks

Issues with upgrading Intel® Driver & Support Assistant to a newer version? Please try our Uninstaller.

Required to install and use utility

Drivers Stand With Bubba

  • A broadband Internet connection is required to use this utility.
  • Operating system requirements for installation: This application installs on Windows 7*, Windows 8*, Windows 8.1*, and Windows® 10.
  • We recommend performing a Windows* update to bring your operating system up to date with the latest .NET.
  • This application does not support Internet Explorer* browser. We recommend using Chrome*, Firefox*, or Edge* (version 44.17763/18.17763 or newer) browsers.

Instructions for launching

  1. Uninstall any previous versions (optional).
  2. Download and save locally on your device.
  3. Double-click Intel® Driver & Support Assistant Installer.exe file.
  4. Read and agree to the license terms and conditions
  5. Select Install.
  6. Click Launch button; the tray icon will start and automatically opens default browser

What's new in version

  • Bug fixes for endless scanning issues
  • Improved screen reader compatibility of Installer
  • Improved network resiliency
  • UI improvements
  • General bug fixes and improvements

What's in previous version

  • Improved support for Intel® SSD software
  • UI improvements
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Languages supported: Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Polish and Turkish.

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Stand Driver


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Stand Drivers F1

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Stand Driver

Standard Driver Length

After aligning your feet, aim your club directly at the target and take your normal swing. This should cause the ball to fade.