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Last updated: 11 Jan, 2021

Installing Stenograph Writer Drivers on Windows 10

Note: If you are currently using Case CATalyst version 15 or above you can install the drivers in Case CATalyst. Click here for the instructions.

  1. Connect the writer to your computer with the USB cable and turn the writer on.
  2. Right click on Start , and then left click on Device Manager.
  3. In Device Manager look for a category that says Other Devices. Below that you should see a yellow exclamation point that says Luminex Machine, Diamante Machine, Stenograph Elan Mira, or Stenograph Fusion. Right click on the yellow exclamation point and left click on Update Driver.
  4. The Update Driver Software dialog window will appear. Left-click Browse my computer for driver software.
  5. In the next screen type C:Cat4DriversWriter (or copy and paste this text) in the Search for driver software in this location field. Then click Next.
  6. You will be prompted with a dialog window verifying the installation of the drivers. Click Install.
  7. When the writer's USB driver has finished installing, click Close.
  8. To confirm a successful installation has completed, a new category will appear that say Stenograph USB Writer without a yellow exclamation point next to it.
  9. After installing the writer USB driver, you may get another driver installation wizard to install the Stenograph Writer Serial Port. Follow steps 4-7 to install the drivers.
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Using the RTF2Writer ProgramInstalling Stenograph Writer Drivers on Windows 7

  1. Stenograph Drivers
  2. Luminex Drivers
  3. Stenograph Drivers Luminex
  4. Stenograph Mira Driver

The utilities below are compatible with Luminex, Diamante & Wave

Global Magic – The powerful steno analysis features used by the Translation Magic feature are also used by the features for globaling and adding dictionary entries. Simply put, it can look at any sequence of steno and make intelligent guesses about whether it was a misstroke for a dictionary entry you already have or a phonetic representation.

  1. Stenograph Steno Machine Writer Parts. Buy Online or Call (800) 251-5529 E-mail: [email protected]
  2. Bluesoleil Software, USB Drivers. Diamante Only Users: In addition to your USB cable, you will need an internet connection, your Stenograph customer number, and the serial number of your Diamante. (The serial number is located on the bottom of the steno machine.).

Stenograph Writer Utility Installation
Size: 129 MB Date: 3-06-20

Compatible with: Luminex II, Luminex, Luminex CSE, Diamante and Wave writers.
Use this download to install the Stenograph Writer Utility software. The Stenograph Writer Utility software contains the USB Driver Installation files and all utility software. Some of the components of this package can be downloaded individually via the indented links below:

Stenograph Writer USB Drivers
Size: 3.23 MB Date: 8-27-15

This file contains the USB drivers for Stenograph's writers. The Stenograph Install Drivers program runs a wizard to easily install your Stenograph writing machine USB drivers. The USB drivers are for Stenograph writers (Luminex, Diamante, Wave™, élan Mira, élan Cybra, Stentura Fusion and Stentura Protégé) for use with Case CATalyst and other compatible CAT software.

Writer Manager Utility for Luminex II, Luminex and Luminex CSE
Users Size: 2.8 MB Date: 3-06-20

Use the Writer Manager Utility to backup and restore Luminex II settings files.
The Writer Manager Utility provides a quick way to create a backup of steno machine log files. Log file backup is compatible with Luminex II, Luminex and Luminex CSE. In the rare even you receive an error on the writer, Technical Support may ask you to back up the log files and send them to Stenograph.

TrueView® Utility for Luminex/Diamante/Wave
Users Size: 2.64 MB Date: 8-27-15

TrueView® enables you to display a graphical representation of steno outlines and their TrueStroke data generated by the Luminex, Diamante and Wave writers. TrueView helps you analyze your writing results and to understand how the writer has interpreted your strokes. TrueView files are saved and can be reopened for review by scrolling and searching for specific steno or timestamps.

Luminex/Diamante/Wave Splash Screen Loader Utility
Size: 4.37 MB Date: 8-27-15


The Splash Screen Loader Utility allows you to see a photograph of your own choice upon startup of the Diamante. A collection of stock photos is included if you wish to use one of them. Click the above file link and select the Save option. Specify where you want to save the it; for example, the Windows Desktop. After it is saved, unzip it and double click the Splash Loader to begin. Read the Splash Screen Loader PDF document for detailed instructions.

Luminex/RTF2Writer Utility for installing a non-CATalyst Dictionary in a Writer
Size: 948KB Date: 8-27-15

Even if you don’t have Stenograph’s Case CATalyst software, you can enjoy instant translation of your written steno into text on the Luminex, Diamante, élan Mira or Stentura Fusion display screen. Simply create an RTF-CRE personal dictionary and up to seven job dictionaries from your CAT software and use the instructions and the RTF2Writer utility provided.

Stenograph Drivers

DateTime to Stentura Format Utility for non-CATalyst CAT Software
Size: 1.15MB MB Date: 8-27-15

Even if you don’t have Case CATalyst 7.02 or higher, you can use the DateTime format in your Luminex, Diamante, élan Mira A3 or Stentura Fusion writer. The DateTime To Stentura program converts Stenograph Writer files that are stored in the date and time format (i.e. 20090710-084528) to Stentura compatible format (File.00X). Once converted, they can be read into your CAT software as usual.

Luminex/Diamante Backup SD Card Reader Utility
Size: 1.4 MB Date: 8-27-15

The Luminex/Diamante Backup Card will only be needed for the rare occasion when a job cannot be found on the Data SD card or internal memory. Click the above file link and select the Save option. See the provided instructions for details.

Wave Get Support Info Utility
Size: 242 KB Date: 8-27-15

In the rare event you experience an issue with your Wave, a log file is created for that issue. The Get Support Info utility provides a method of retrieving the log files from the Wave to your computer to assist Stenograph’s Technical Support Department in diagnosing the issue.

BlueSoleil Version7.0.496.9 (Luminex Users Only, Requires Latest Luminex Build)

Size: 111 MB Date: 8-8-17

Bluetooth software for Luminex Bluetooth Kit. To install this update please follow these instructions:

1. Uninstall any previous versions of BlueSoleil on your computer. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel and then the option to uninstall a program.

2. Right click the BlueSoleil Version 7.0.496.9 and select Save Target As or Save As to save the zip file to your computer.

Luminex Drivers

3. Open the install file and double click the Setup.exe file and follow the prompts.

4. Once installed, insert the Bluetooth adapter into a USB port and reboot your computer.

Additional information can also be found in the Bluetooth Wireless Guide.

BlueSoleil Version7.0.348.1 (Diamante Users Only)

Size: 60 MB Date: 5-5-10
Bluetooth software for Diamante Bluetooth Kit. To install this update please follow these instructions:

1. Uninstall any previous versions of BlueSoleil on your computer. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel and then the option to uninstall a program.

2. Download and save the update file on your computer.

3. Open the Install folder and double-click the setup.exe file to install the software.

The file and additional information can also be found on BlueSoliel's Web site.

IMPORTANT: Please call support for installation help

Stenograph Writer USB Protocol
Size: 10.3 KB Date: 2-08-16

Attention CAT software vendors: The Stenograph Writer USB Protocol is now available for all CAT vendors to implement into their software. Download this zip file to receive the protocol description and sample code.

Bluetooth Wireless Guide
Size: 758 KB Date: 5-20-09

PDF version of the Stenograph Bluetooth Wireless Guide for the élan Mira, Stentura Fusion, élan Cybra and Stentura Protégé.

élan Mira WiFi Wireless Communication Guide
Size: 994K Date: 05-28-08

PDF version of the élan Mira WiFi Wireless Communication Guide.

The utility below is for Case CATalyst

OpusToWav Conversion Program
If you are not using Case CATalyst Version 20 or higher and have been given an Opus audio file, you may use the OpusToWav Conversion Program to convert the Opus audio file to Wav format. The Wav format file will not automatically synchronize to the Case CATalyst transcript. If you are using Case CATalyst Version 20 or higher, there is no need to convert the Opus file to Wav format. The Opus file will play and be synchronized with the Case CATalyst transcript. Instructions for using the OpusToWav Conversion Program are available in the Readme file provided with the download.

Stenograph Drivers Luminex

Size: 2MB Date: 02-28-19

Stenograph Mira Driver