Suprema USB Devices Driver Download

When you cannot connect or see BioMini or other Suprema Fingerprint Scanner devices, please refer this article and check.

This Generic USB Driver can recognize most USB drive's if you are still using the Windows 98 OS. This driver has not been updated for several years, and it won't be updated. Generic usb joystick - This Generic USB Driver can recognize most USB drive's if you are still using the Windows 98 OS.

FAP10 Authentication Scanner. Our latest range of high performance fingerprint scanners are supported by powerful software development kit (SDK) which features Suprema's award-winning algorithm that ranked 1st in FVC and NIST MINEX tests. A Suprema Solution is the one-stop center for secure biometric access, Fingerprint access and time attendance system with the sleek and good design from Suprema and more. Hanman International Pte Ltd is a authorised distributor for Suprema product. Device driver for all The Imaging Source USB cameras except the 33U, 37U, 38U and AFU auto focus series. Intel Core i3 or similar, 2 GB RAM; USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 controller (depends upon camera model) Graphics card with 24 or 32 bit. If the device is not yet connected, first install the device-specific driver, such as by using the appropriate installer. After the device-specific driver is installed, Windows 10 will select that driver instead of the standard USB audio 2.0 driver when you first connect the device.

1. BioStar 2 certification installed successfully? If your address shows that 'Not Secured', then you need to install BioStar 2 cert correctly.

2. Delete 'Suprema_Fingerprint_Scanner_Driver' from Control Panel and reinstall.

  • Open Control Panel and sort by Publisher name.
  • Uninstall Suprema_Fingerprint_Scanner_Driver and reboot PC.

  • Download and install the latest Fingerprint Scanner Driver from below.

Sup_Fingerprint_Driver_v2.2.0.exe -

The driver can also be found at Suprema ID homepage : download center.


Note: unplug the BioMini when you are installing the driver.

  • Reboot the PC and plug in the BioMini to check device appears in ‘Device Manager’

Suprema USB Devices Driver Download

3. Sometimes certification file was not installed local Machine, but in current User.

Suprema Usb Devices Driver Downloads

  • Open command prompt in administrator.
  • Put 'cd C:Program Files (x86)USB Device Agentusb-agent'
  • Put 'certmgr -c -add configlocalhost_cert.crt -s -r localMachine root'

Suprema Usb Devices Driver Download Mac

Suprema Usb Devices Driver Download Windows 10