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T+A launched their first headphones in March 2020: the 'Solitaire P' with planar magnetic driver costs a hefty 4800 Euros*, and was reviewed by us here. Now a similar model follows, but reduced in both price and weight – thanks to the plastic housing: Like its big brother, the Solitaire P-SE is an open headphone that completely surrounds the ears with its oval earpiece. It also operates according to the planar magnetic principle, but T+A has designed and developed the transducers, called TPM 2500, from scratch. Incidentally, they – like the complete headphones – are handmade in Herford in Western Germany. 'It is much more than just a little brother of the Solitaire P,' T+A says.

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T A Elektroakustik Driver

The new headphones should be available starting January 25, 2021*. T+A now also offers their R 1000 E receiver in a white finish. It will only be produced in a limited period from December 2020 to April 2021 and costs 5300 Euros*. T+A simply calls it 'Receiver,' but the universal talent can also play CDs, stream and play music via USB.

*Prices and Availability for Germany.

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Product Code: 21858. Tags: T+A Elektroakustik Triton R 90 T+A Elektroakustik Triton R90 T+A Triton R 90 T+A Triton R90 T+A R 90 T+A R90 T+A Audio T + A Audio Elektroakustik Triton T+A Triton R 90 Specifications Specs Specifications Stereo Loudspeakers Speakers Vintage Speakers Pair Black Woofer Tweeter Loudspeakers Audio Vintage. A Magical 8 I got to hear the T+A DAC 8 DSD/HQPlayer/SGM server, albeit an earlier incarnation, combination in Munich last year. While impressive, this system/room/music didn’t quite grab me. Now, mixed in with my favorite bits in-Barn, the T+A grabbed me, shook me (well that was actually the music’s domain), and didn’t let go. Large BIG drivers go deep but aren’t easy to control. Four smaller drivers are more costly, but are far faster. The air suspension bass system, to my ear, is the best bass there currently is. It damps the driver cone surface evenly to mitigate break-up and has much better transient response than competing systems. The top cover and the lateral bass driver covers are also produced from solid aluminium. The final result is that the Solitaire CWT 1000-40 Anniversary Edition represents a loudspeaker of extraordinarily high performance, capable of reproducing the entire acoustic spectrum.