Tekram Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver


Tekram manufactures Dock Leveller and Loading Ramps in Turkey. The DC-315U is based on Tekram TRM-S1040 SCSI chip to offer cost effective Ultra SCSI host adapters for those none bootable SCSI devices.

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Tekram Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Drivers

I have a DC-390 and it's not
even close to being 'low-
profile,' but drivers should
be available via Tekram's
website -- mine has an LSI
chip and is supported by all

Tekram Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver

versions of Windoze from
Win2K forward. I didn't know
they had an AMD-based version
of that card, but I do know
Tekram Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driverthat Windoze does support at
least one older AMD SCSI chip
-- the one in the old QLogic
'Fast SCSI' 50-pin cards.

In your spot, I'd probably
just ditch the scanner and
get a modern USB model -- I
still use my HP ScanJet 4P,
but that's only because my
box already had an available
SCSI port.

Andreas Bockelmann <[email protected]> wrote:


>Hello group ;-)
>i just got an Intel Atom based Mini-PC running on Windows7. Since I have
>an old Epson SCSI flatbaed scanner which should be used on this pc I had
>the problem to find a PCI SCSI Card which fits into the only low profile
>slot the new machine offers.
>Adaptec 2930LP costs about 120 Euros at ebay, so I decided to buy an old
>Tekram DC-390. Now I have the problem that this device is not supported
>by Windows Vista or Windows7 built in drivers database. I read at
>tekram.com.tw that there was an drive for Windws XP and just wanted to
>test whether I can get it workling on Windows7, but even the download
>link doesn't work.
>So I'm asking whether anybody has a driver for the AMD based Tekram
>DC-390 working on Windows XP or Vista. I would be very pleased for any hint.
>I won't spend much money for special Vista-supported low profile
>SCSI-Adaptor, the other idea would be to get an USB based Scanner from
>the same model and use my Document Feeder on the USB-device.
>It's a pity, the old Epson Perfection 1200S is working fine and produces
>better scans than all the consumer scanners that are available now.