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This article explains how to connect Tektronix Oscilloscope to PC via Ethernet LAN and control it remotely. We have used TEKTRONIX MSO4104B for this tutorial. However, this method can be used in general for other oscilloscopes as well as instruments like Pico Ammeters etc.

Although, you can save the data by connecting pendrive to oscilloscope but this method of Ethernet connection helps you in remotely controlling oscilloscope and directly acquiring data to the PC through browser. After connection, one can also control and acquire data using programming.

How to connect Tektronix Oscilloscope to PC via Ethernet

Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to Tektronix Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) as shown in the following image. One can either connect another end to the PC or the network port.

IP configuration of Oscilloscope

  1. Press Utility button and you will find utility menu at the bottom of screen.
  2. Press button corresponding to Utility Page and you will find a menu bar on the left side of the screen.
  3. Using “Multipurpose a” knob, select I/O.
  4. Press button corresponding to Network Configuration which will open a Network Configuration menu on the right of the screen.
  5. Press button corresponding to Set IP Address Manually which will open a window to set the IP address and other information.Enter IP Address and other information here either by using oscilloscope knob or by connecting a keyboard using front USB port.

IP configuration of Computer

Set the IP address in Network Profile of computer as following. Note: make sure the IP of the PC is not same as the IP of the oscilloscope but should be similar, which can be done by changing the last digit.

Tektronix network analyzer

IP configuration in Linux

IP Configuration in Windows 7

Testing and Controlling Oscilloscope from Browser

Enter IP address of oscilloscope ( in browser (Firefox in Linux and Internet Explorer in Windows, Note: google chrome may show some problem).

You can control the instrument by going to Instrument Control option. Press the control in menu bar at the top and you will see the live screen and all control buttons of oscilloscope.

One can control the Oscilloscope remotely from here just like using physical knobs and buttons. At first, this may seem a bit difficult to handle but you will get acquainted soon.

If you want to save single screen data, click on Data in the menu bar at the top. Here, you can choose channel source and data format.

In case, you want to save data using Python program to your pc, you can visit our tutorial about how to save Data from Oscilloscope using Python in Linux.


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