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  • 1Linux Driver Matrix for ThinkPads

This page holds a model independent Linux driver matrix for ThinkPads.At current state it only consists of drivers which are maintained outside the Linux kernel source tree (even though they might be included in actual kernels already).

For more specific information regarding your particular ThinkPad see the individual Components of your Model.

We also have an alphabetical listing of drivers.

These SKYNET files do not get removed by MBAM, I tried many times. The directory indicated can not be found by Windows Explorer -? Globalroot system32 SKYNETbqekuypi.dllAre these files possible to find and remove directly with Windows Explorer or the CMD shell??Many thanks for all the help!-d. Drivers Catalog ⇒ Modems ⇒ Thinkwill ⇒ 3G Wireless - Modem Drivers Installer for 3G Wireless - Modem If you don’t want to waste time on hunting after the needed driver for your PC, feel free to use a dedicated self-acting installer. New Virus - posted in Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Help: Hi Bleeping ComputersSome back history: The virus was found on another computer but I took the HiJackThis Log onto a flash.

Modem Driver Download

Linux Driver Matrix for ThinkPads


Hardware functionrelevant drivers
  • thinkpad-acpi(enabling/disabling bluetooth)

see Bluetooth Adapters


see Ethernet Controllers

IrDA see IrDA

see Modem Devices

Wireless LAN
  • hostap(Intersil Prism2/2.5/3 Driver for Wifi)
  • ipw2100(Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 Driver for WiFi)
  • ipw2200(Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 Driver for Wifi)
  • madwifi(Multiband Atheros Driver for WiFi)
  • ath5k(Multiband Atheros Driver for WiFi) - replacement for madwifi
  • ath9k(Multiband Atheros Driver for WiFi with 802.11n support)

see Wireless Network Adapters



Hardware functionrelevant drivers
Display brightness
  • thinkpad-acpi(ACPI based LCD brightness control)
Video drivers
  • fglrx(ATI driver for Radeon, FireGL and Mobility boards)
  • savage(Driver for Savage chips found in some Thinkpads)
  • R128(Driver for Rage128 chips found in some Thinkpads)
  • R300(Driver for ATI boards with R300 chips like Radeon 9500 and the FireGL series)

see Video Controllers

Video Output switching
  • thinkpad-acpi(ACPI based video switching for X series models)
Colour profile
  • Colour profile(Colour profile packages)


Hardware functionrelevant drivers
CD/DVD Speed control
  • tp_smapi(enables setting of CD/DVD speed on modern ThinkPads)
  • eject(enables setting of CD/DVD speed on older ThinkPads)
UltraBay Hot-Swapping
  • thinkpad-acpi(triggers UltraBay eject event)
  • lt_hotswap(enables hotswapping with full DMA support)
  • Debian hotswap(utility to de- and reregister hotswappable IDE devices)
SD Card Slot
  • sdhci(driver for SD/MMC host controllers)
  • tifm(driver for 3-in-one memory card reader)


Hardware functionrelevant drivers
Hotkeys and Special buttons
  • thinkpad-acpi(tracks key and button events via ACPI)
  • tpb(tracks key and button events via /dev/nvram)

see also How to get special keys to work

  • trackpoint(TrackPoint Linux kernel driver)
  • Synaptics TouchPad driver(Touchpad driver for
  • MicroTouch TouchBase Driver(Driver for the FlipTouch touchscreen)

Misc Features

Hardware functionrelevant drivers
  • thinkpad-acpi(enables software control of system beeps)
  • thinkpad-acpi(enables software control of LEDs)
  • thinkpad-acpi(enables ThinkLight software control)


Hardware functionrelevant drivers
  • thinkpad-acpi(IBM ThinkPad Fn+Fx key driver)
  • acpid(ACPI daemon catching triggered events)
  • thinkpad & tpctl(ThinkPad configuration programs that are compatible with APM)
Battery management
  • tp_smapi(Extended battery information and control)
Battery status
  • tp_smapi(Extended battery information and control)
Fan Speed Control
  • thinkpad-acpi(low-level control of fan speed and reading thermal sensor values)
  • Fan control scripts(userspace daemons for controlling fan speed)
  • Software Suspend 2(provides a RediSafe alike functionality)
Suspend to RAM (Sleep)
  • thinkpad-acpi(triggers Fn-F4 key event)
Suspend to Disk (Hibernation)
  • thinkpad-acpi(triggers Fn-F12 key event)
  • Software Suspend 2(hibernation more featureful than the old swsusp offer in the stock kernel)

Security & Safety

Hardware functionrelevant drivers
TCP/TCPA (Embedded Security Subsystem)
  • tpm(GPL driver for the TCPA chip in newer ThinkPads)
  • tpmdd(another driver for the TCPA chip in newer ThinkPads)
Harddisk protection (APS)
  • HDAPS(provides acceleratometer values through sysfs)
Theft alarm
  • HDAPS with Script for theft alarm using HDAPS
Thermal Sensor Monitoring
  • thinkpad-acpi(reads thermal sensor values)

Additional Hardware

Hardware functionrelevant drivers
Docking Stations
  • thinkpad-acpi(reports docking/undocking events via ACPI)
UltraPort Camera
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Hello, Driver
I use thinkwill UE980 in openwrt but have trouble to see the /dev/ttyUSB* device for 3G connection.
I use sniffUSB in windows and see the 3G dongle have below info:
ModemProduct ID when insert the USB dongle:
Thinkwill Modems DriverVID:0e8d,PID:0002,REV USB mass storage device
Ater run the windows driver:
USBVID_0e8d&PID_00a5&REV_0300 : USB composite deviceMotorola
USBVID_0e8d&PID_00a5&REV_0300&MI_00: mediatek Mobile Broadband
USBVID_0e8d&PID_00a5&REV_0300&MI_02: mediatek Modem

Motorola Modem Driver

USBVID_0e8d&PID_00a5&REV_0300&MI_03: usb application port
USBVID_0e8d&PID_00a5&REV_0300&MI_04: usb speech port
USBVID_0e8d&PID_00a5&REV_0300&MI_05: usb debug portDriver

Thinkwell Modem Driver Login

USBVID_0e8d&PID_00a5&REV_0300&MI_06: usb mass storage device

Thinkwell Modem Driver Download

Thinkwell Modem Driver Review

I try to sniff the mobile broadband, modem and USB application port and get some info. but i still don't have idea how to modify the device config filel. Anyone can help? Thank you.