Thurlby Thandar Instruments Driver Download

To assist in the implementation of this precision power supply in automated systems, TTi has now released LabWindows CVI and LabView drivers conforming to the IVI format

  • Download ttiqlp, a LabWindows/CVI,Measurement Studio for Visual Studio Unknown instrument driver for a DC Power Supply from thurlby, model(s): 355, 355, 564. Find instrument drivers that are available for this instrument for use in LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, or Measurement Studio. Example programs are included with most instrument driver downloads.
  • AIM & THURLBY THANDAR INSTRUMENTS Triple output dc power supplies - 315 watts MX100T & MX100TP Three full performance outputs of equal power Multiple-ranges, up to 70V and up to 6A Ultra-compact size for bench or rack mounting Graphic LCD with simultaneous display of outputs Advanced features including sequenced on/off control

National Instruments IVI drivers are now available for the QLseries of high-performance laboratory bench power supplies fromTTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments).

To assist in theimplementation of this precision power supply in automatedsystems, TTi has now released LabWindows CVI and LabView driversconforming to the IVI format.

Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTI 1905 - Digital multimeter - User Manual - Free Service Manuals, fast download, no limits. Aim and Thurlby Thandar Instruments, Glebe Rd, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE29 7DR, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1480 412451 Email: [email protected]

IVI drivers are sophisticatedinstrument drivers that feature increased performance andflexibility for complex tests requiring interchangeability, statecaching, or simulation of instruments.

To achieveinterchangeability, the IVI Foundation has defined specificationsfor the following eight instrument classes: DMM, oscilloscope,arbitrary waveform/function generator, DC power supply, switch,power meter, spectrum analyser, and RF signal generator.Certified IVI drivers are technically supported by NationalInstruments.

'Plug and play' instrument driverssimplify control and communication with instruments via astandard simple programming model for all drivers.

Labview andLabWindows/CVI 'plug and play' instrument driverscomply with requirements and recommendations for programmingstyle, error handling, front panels, block diagrams, icons, andonline help.

Because these drivers maintain a common architectureand interface, users can quickly and easily connect to andcommunicate with instruments with very little or no codedevelopment.

The TTi QL series is a high-performance range ofbench power supplies providing exceptionally high levels ofprecision, resolution and stability.

Single- and triple-outputversions of the TTi QL series are available with output powerranging from 105 to 215W.

QL series power supplies can operate inconstant-voltage or constant-current mode with automaticcrossover.

Voltages can be set to a resolution of 1mV right up tomaximum output voltage, and currents can be set or measured downto 0.1mA.


For greater flexibility, switchable ranges areprovided, allowing higher currents to be generated at lowervoltages.

The QL355, for example, provides a maximum current of3A at up to 35V.

A second range increases the current capabilityto 5A for voltages up to 15V.

A bus interface is availableincorporating fully isolated GPIB (IEEE-488), RS-232 and USBinterfaces.

The USB interface is particularly suited to directcontrol from a personal computer.

The QL series has a compactfootprint for bench use and can also be rack-mounted.

Up to threesingle-output units can be mounted side by side, and duplicaterear terminals are available for rack use.

Size is 140 x 160 x290 mm and weight is 5.5kg.

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