Thurlby Thandar Instruments Driver

PL-P series Power Supplies combined LabVIEW Driver and LabWindows CVI Driver V1.6.0 - (ZIP / English). Aim and Thurlby Thandar Instruments, Glebe Rd, Huntingdon. AIM-TTI AIM & THURLBY THANDAR INSTRUMENTS Aim-TTi designs and manufactures advanced electronic test and measurement equipment and laboratory power supplies. Our products are available to purchase throughout the world.

PL Series Single, Dual and Triple Output PSUs

Thurlby Thandar Instruments Driver

Variable series regulated DC power supplies designed for operation in both constant current and constant voltage mode.

Line and load regulation <0.01% of maximum output

Remote voltage & current sensing capability
Outputs continually displayed
Full short circuit, reverse voltage and overload protection
Current limit may be set prior to connecting load
Logarithmic current limit control

Single output: PL154, PL320, PL330

Single programmable model which can also be operated in Local (non-programmable) mode
Fitted with GPIB (to IEEE-488·2) & RS-232 (conventional or addressable) interfaces

Single programmable output PL330P

Dual programmable version of PL330P

Dual programmable output PL330DP

Unit comprises 2 power supplies with bank of 4 interlocked pushbutton switches which provide 4 separate modes of operation for the 2 main outputs

Thurlby Thandar Instruments Driver Printer

Dual output quad mode PL320QMD & PL330QMD

Variation of the dual quad mode PSU with additional independent high current output for powering 5V logic circuits

Triple output quad mode PL320QMT & PL330QMT

Thurlby Thandar Instruments Driver Downloads

Technical specification
Line Voltage 110, 120, 220, 240V a.c. ±10% @ 50/60Hz
Line Stability <0·01% of max. output for 10% change
Load Regulation <0·01% of max. output for 90% change
Ripple and Noise <1mV
Meter accuracy (20°C-25°C) Voltage 0·1% of reading +1 digit Current 0·3% of reading +1 digit
Meter Resolution Voltage 0·01V; current 0·001A
Output Impedance <5mΩ @ 1kHz
Current Limit Variable by logarithmic control
Safety Constructed to IEC 348
DimensionsW.170H.155 D.265 Wt.5kg
ID = 10363
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Name: Thurlby Thandar Instruments (GB)
alternative name: Thandar Electronics TTI
Products: Model types

TTI (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) is a leading manufacturer of electronic test and measurement instruments.

Also: Thandar Electronics Ltd.; London Road St. Ives, Huntingdon, Cambs. PE17 4HJ, England.


Company History
The origins of TTi date from the late 1970s when two separate companies, Thurlby Electronics Ltd. and Thandar Electronics Ltd. were both designing and manufacturing electronic test equipment within close proximity at St. Ives in Cambridgeshire.
Through the 1980s, Thurlby specialised in bench power supplies, high resolution multimeters and digital storage units; whilst Thandar specialised in function generators, frequency counters and logic analysers.
In 1989 the two companies were merged into a new organisation - Thurlby Thandar Instruments Ltd. - and located to larger premises in nearby Huntingdon.
Since that date the product ranges have been expanded and new product areas developed including arbitrary waveform generators, RF test equipment, EMC measurement equipment and component bridges.
In addition to selling the TTi range of products throughout the world, the company has also expanded its UK sales operation to represent other major producers of test equipment.
Today TTi is one of the foremost producers of general purpose electronic test instruments and laboratory power supplies in Europe, selling products in over fifty countries.
It is also one of the largest distributors of test and measurement equipment in the UK representing many leading American, European and Japanese producers within the United Kingdom market.
TTi is an ISO9000 registered company and maintains the highest quality standards for all of its activities.

This manufacturer was suggested by Pius Steiner.

Thurlby Thandar Instruments Driver Download

Some models:

Thurlby Thandar Instruments Driver Updater

CountryYearName1st TubeNotes
GB 88 Precision Power Supply PL310 0-32 volts constant voltage 0.1-1 Ampere constant current Switchable output ...
GB 83 Pulse/FunctionGenerator TG503Pulse: normal, double or delayed pulse with independently variable pulse width.Frequency r...
GB 83 Sweep/Function Generator TG5021000:1 linear or 10000:1 log sweep with marker.Frequency range: 0.005 Hz-5 MHz in 7 overla...
GB 83 Function Generator TG501Frequency Range: 0.005 Hz-5 MHz in 7 overlapping decade ranges.Sine Distortion: Amplitude ...
GB 83 Digital Led Multimeter 1905A5+1/2 digit (+- 210000 Messpunkte) Auflösung: 1uV, 1mOhm, 1nAGrosse Anzahl mathematischer ...
GB 83 Logic Analyser LA-160
GB 83 Oscilloscope Multiplexer OM3588 Kanal Oszilloskope Multiplexer.
GB 79 Digital Frequency Meter PFM 200BF199 Pocket Frequency Meter PFM-200 Frequency range: 20 Hz...200 MHz. Sensivity: 10 mVrms dir...
GB 80–85 Digital Multimeter TM355The TM 355 is a laboratory quality three and half digit multimeter with a large 0,5' LED d...
GB 80–85 Oscilloscope SC110AThe SC110A is a very lightweight,fully portable oscilloscope having a performance comparab...
GB 80 Frequency meter TF600The TF600 is a battery or mains (AC adapter) operated portable frequency meter with a larg...
GB 80 Pulse Generator TG105The TG 105 is a mains operated, 5 Hz to 5 MHz pulse generator with independent TTL and 50 ...