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This document contains instructions for installing your Gemalto Sentinel SuperPro key so that you can use hardware-locked CrossWorks licenses. You only need to install the Sentinel drivers if you have purchased a 'Shared' developer license with a Sentinel SuperPro key.

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In order to use your SuperPro key will need to install the Sentinel Driver, which is covered here, and the CrossWorks IDE which is covered separately.

System Requirements

Support for Sentinel drivers is provided for the following operating systems:

  • Windows (XP,Vista,7,8) Windows 10 is not officially supported by Gemalto as yet but appears to run without problems.)
  • Ubuntu (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and 14.04 LTS)
  • macOS (Mac 10.7.5 Lion to Mac 10.11 El Capitan7)

Installing the USB Drivers

Installing the USB Drivers - Windows

Download the 'Sentinel Driver' from here. At the time of writing, the Sentinel driver for Windows is at version 7.6.0 described as 'Sentinel System Driver Installer for Sentinel SuperPro, UltraPro and SHK'

  1. Before starting, ensure that your USB Sentinel is unplugged.
  2. Unzip the archive and run the Sentinel System Driver Installer.
  3. Click Next to move to the licensing screen.
  4. Read and accept the License Grant/Warranty statement.
  5. Click I accept the terms in the license agreement.
  6. Click Next to move to the Setup Type screen.
  7. Select the Complete installation option.
  8. Click Next to start the installation. Once installed, the InstallShield Wizard completes.
  9. Click Finish to close the Sentinel driver Installer.
  10. Once completed reboot your machine and insert the USB dongle.
  11. To check that the Sentinel driver has installed correctly, go to the Windows device manager >Universal Serial Bus controllers you should seen an entry for 'SafeNet USB SuperPro/UltraPro'.

Once complete, your key is ready for use:

Installing the USB Drivers - Ubuntu

  1. Before starting, ensure that your USB Sentinel is unplugged.
  2. Download Sentinel Protection Server from here
  3. Open a terminal window 'Ctrl + T' and change directory to the downloaded folder by default this is 'Downloads' in the home folder.
  4. cd to Debian_support/driver
  5. Ensure that 'execute' permissions are added to the shell script
  6. Run
  7. To check the correct installation of the Sentinel USB dongle. Using a terminal type lsusb You should see a list of USB devices connected to your Ubuntu machine. One should read something like
    Bus 001 Device 004: ID 04b9:0300 Rainbow Technologies, Inc. SafeNet USB SuperPro
NOTE: Don't be put off by the references to i386 when installing on a 64-bit version of Linux, it still seems to work

Installing the USB Drivers - macOS

  1. Before starting, ensure that your USB Sentinel is unplugged.
  2. Download the 'Sentinel System Driver' from here.
  3. Run the installer and follow the installer instructions. When prompted by the installer, make sure you allow the system extension signed by “SFNT Germany GmbH” to load.
  4. Once the installer has completed, insert the USB Sentinel into your Mac and start CrossWorks.
  5. Check the hardware locked license is detected by CrossStudio by clicking Tools > License Manager > Manage Activations. You should see a product activation listed as 'Sentinel License'.

Henson Software and Fixes

  • Henson Software: (3.7)
  • Henson Software: (4.0)
  • Samsung Wireless Printer Setup Guide: (Download)
  • ASUS A4110 Windows 10 Acronis Image: (Download)

IMAGEnet6 Software

  • IMAGEnet6 1.24.U: (IMAGEnet6 1.24.U) (DRI OCT Triton Fastmap 10.15)
  • IMAGEnet6 1.26: (IMAGEnet6 1.26) (DRI OCT Triton Fastmap 10.16)
  • IMAGEnet6 1.27: (IMAGEnet6 1.27) (DRI OCT Triton Fastmap 10.16)
  • IMAGEnet6 -LINK 1.27: (IMAGEnet6Link for 1.27)
  • IMAGEnet6 1.28: (IMAGEnet6 1.28) (DRI OCT Triton Fastmap 10.16)

  • IMAGEnet6 1.31: (IMAGEnet6 1.31)
  • IMAGEnet6 -LINK 1.31: (IMAGEnet6Link for 1.31)
  • IMAGEnet6 Capture Drivers v3 (latest all): (IMAGEnet6 Capture Drivers v3 ALL)

  • IMAGEnet6 1.24.U Upgrade Package: (Download)

IMAGEnet i-base Software

  • Full version installers only (end of line with 3.25.0): (3.16.0) (3.17.0) (3.18.1) (3.18.3) (3.19.1) (3.20.0) (3.20.1) (3.20.2) (3.20.3) (3.21.0) (3.22.0) (3.23.0) (3.24.0) (3.25.0)

OCT Capture Software (OCT-2000/OCT-1 Maestro)

  • 3DOCT Capture v8.11 (32Bit) (64Bit)
  • 3DOCT Capture v8.20 (32Bit) (64Bit)
  • 3DOCT Capture v8.40 (32Bit) (64Bit)
  • 3DOCT Capture v8.42 (32Bit) (64Bit)
  • 3DOCT Capture v8.43 (32Bit) (64Bit)

OCT Viewer Software (OCT-2000/OCT-1 Maestro)

  • 3DOCT Viewer v6.51 (32Bit Full) (64Bit Full)
  • 3DOCT Viewer v6.60 (32Bit Full) (64Bit Full)
  • 3DOCT Viewer v6.70 (32Bit Full) (64Bit Full)
  • 3DOCT Viewer v6.82 (32Bit Full) (64Bit Full)
  • 3DOCT Viewer v6.80 (Upgrade from 6.70 only) (32Bit Upgrade) (64Bit Upgrade)
  • 3DOCT Viewer v6.82 (Upgrade from 6.70 only) (32Bit Upgrade) (64Bit Upgrade)
  • 3DOCT Viewer v6.83 (Upgrade from 6.70 only) (32Bit Upgrade) (64Bit Upgrade)

OCT Firmware (Remote Update)

Topcon Driver Download
  • 3DOCT 2000 8.20 (Download)
  • 3DOCT 2000 8.40 (Download)
  • DRI OCT Triton 1.1.4: (Download)
  • DRI OCT Triton 1.1.5: (Download)

OCT Firmware (USB Stick)

  • OCT 2000 27k (S/N: 4xxxxx) (8.11) (8.20) (8.40)
  • OCT 2000 50k (S/N: 6xxxxx) (8.11) (8.20) (8.40)
  • OCT 2000 FaPlus (S/N: 7xxxxx) (8.11) (8.20) (8.40)
  • OCT Maestro - V 1.3.5 (1.3.5)
  • OCT Maestro - V (
  • OCT Maestro - V 1.4.0 (1.4.0)
  • OCT Maestro 2 - V 1.02 (1.02)
  • OCT Maestro 2 - V 1.03 (1.03)
  • OCT Maestro 2 - V 1.10 (1.10)
  • Maestro 2 Software/Firmware Compatibility Chart - CHECK FIRST! (Compatibility Chart M2)
  • DRI OCT Triton (1.05.1) (1.07.1) (1.10.1) (1.11.1) (1.1.4) (1.1.5) (1.1.7) (1.1.8)

OCT 2000 Settings

  • OCT 2000 User Settings (Download)

OCT Tools 64bit

  • OCT 2000 Light Adjustment (Download)
  • OCT 2000 Graph Tool (Download)
  • OCT Maestro Light Adjustment (Download)
  • OCT Maestro Graph Tool (Download)
  • DRI OCT Triton Light Adjustment (Download)
  • DRI OCT Triton Graph Tool (Download)

Aladdin Software

  • Aladdin Software 1.9.0 (Download)

OCT Example Conditions

  • OCT 1000/2000/Maestro Conditions (Download)
  • DRI OCT Triton Conditions (Download)
  • IMAGEnet6 Example Conditions (Download)

CC100 Software

  • CC100 Software Version 3.2.7 HW1 (Download)
  • CC100 Software Version 3.5.1a HW2/3/4 (Download)
  • CC100 Software Version 4.2.0 HW4/5 (Download)
  • CC100 Software Version 4.2.1 HW4/5 (Download)
  • CC100 Software Version 4.4.0 HW5 (Download)

CC100XP Software

  • CC100XP Software Version 3.2.7 HW1 (Download)
  • CC100XP Software Version 3.5.1a HW2/3/4 (Download)
  • CC100XP Software Version 4.2.0 HW4/5 (Download)
  • CC100XP Software Version 4.2.1 HW4/5 (Download)
  • CC100XP Software Version 4.4.0 HW5 (Download)

CV/KB Software

  • CV/KB Version 2.15 (Download)

TRK-2P Firmware

  • TRK-2P Firmware 1.09 (Download)

NW400 Firmware

  • NW400 Firmware 1.0.6 (Download)

TOPCONnect Software

  • Full Version:(1.21.1(D90))
  • Full Version:(1.27.2)
  • Full Version:(1.28.0)
  • Full Version:(1.31.0)
  • TOPCONnect Test Program: (Download)

Topcon Usb Driver Download


Topcon Gps Usb Driver Download

  • Sentinel Protection Installer: (7.6.9)
  • Keytag Utilities: (Download)
  • TRC-NW8 Drivers: (Download)
  • TRC-NW8F Drivers NEW: (Download)
  • USB To Ethernet Adapter Drivers: (Download)
  • DC-4 Grabber (1.04): (Download)
  • DC-4 Grabber (2.04): (Download)
  • OCT Maestro 2 Grabber (1.0): (Download)
  • IMAGEnet6 FSN Confirmation Tool: (Download)
  • DV3 OHCI Driver Error Fix: (Download)
  • SQL 2016 Express: (Download)
  • PC Error Collector Tool, v2.10: (Download)

Microsoft (Prerequisites)

Topcon Driver Downloads

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005: (32Bit Full) (64Bit Full)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010: (32Bit Full) (64Bit Full)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate ISO Image: (32Bit Full) (64Bit Full)