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HP Launches Their All-in-One Ultrabooks and Tablets
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  2. The Transmeta Story. Let’s go back in time to the year 2000, the Pentium 3 was Intel’s flagship CPU, AMD was racing to 1 G Hz with the Athlon, and the general attitude was the sky is the limit.
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  4. International Business Machines Corp. Canceled plans to use a Transmeta chip in a new Thinkpad laptop that was to come out later this year, dealing the upstart chip maker a blow just days before.

HP recently revealed new touch-based products. These include a range of all-in-one PCs and notebooks. As the company offers devices like the Envy Rove, the Pavilion 11, SlateBook x2, the Split x2 and the Envy TouchSmart 14 Ultrabook, including the Slate 21 All-in-One, one thing is clear - HP is ready to join the competition.

The computer market has shifted considerably for the last couple of years. Desktop computers lost their appeal, while slimmer and thinner designs became popular. HP's Split x2 and SlateBook x2 with battery such as Hp WD547AA battery, Hp Compaq CQ-M300L battery, Hp Compaq PP2051A battery, Hp Compaq Presario 306 battery, Hp Compaq Armada PP2050 battery, Hp Pavilion dv6 battery, Hp Compaq NX7400 battery, Hp HSTNN-CB30 battery, Hp Envy 17 battery, HP Pavilion dm4t Battery, HP WD548AA Battery, HP TouchSmart tm2 Battery are detachable in nature. They offer the same function as notebooks. Users can detach the screen so they can use the device as a tablet. Both devices also feature magnetic hinges.

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Split x2 works with Windows 8, whereas Slatebook x2 works with Android.


Slatebook x2 features a 10.1-inch display. Other features include a dual batter setup and separate battery pack for the keyboard, offering longer life. The device runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Slatebook x2 already has Google's suite of apps pre-installed. These include applications like YouTube, Google Now and Gmail. Under its hood is the Tegra 4 chip complete with the with Nvidia's Tegra-zone game store.

The Split x2 features a 13-inch display. It runs on Intel's x86 chip and Windows 8. Beats Audio take care of the audio for the laptop. The Split has a similar battery and keyboard setup as the Slatebook. The Spli also includes a megapixel HP TrueVision full HD webcam along with HP ClickPad. The Clickpad allows users gesture and multitouch controls.

As for the leader of the pack, the Envy Rove is an all-in-one computing device running on Windows 8. The monitor can double as a tablet increasing portability of the laptop. HP included their multitouch technology, allowing more than one individual to play. The HP Envy runs on Intel's 4th generation processor. It includes a 20-inch display as well.

MFR’s Description: Mobility redefined! Flybook is a go-anywhere, do-everything computer. It’s as powerful as a desktop or a heavyweight laptop PC and as handy as a mobile phone. At a tiny 235 x 155 x 31mm, it’s crammed with the latest multimedia and telecommunications technology. Flybook is the office in your pocket!

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Flybook (1GHz Transmeta Crusoe TM-5800 CPU)

Note: This is soon to have a successor – the Flybook V3

Company:Holbe Dialogue Europe/Dialogue Technology
Model Name:Flybook
Type:Notebook/Tablet PC Hybrid/Convertible
Introduced:Summer/Fall 2004
Cost (MSRP/Street):@ $2490.00 Base
Distributors (World-Wide)
CPU/Processor & Chipset
Processor Company:Transmeta
Processor Model:Transmeta Crusoe TM-5800
Processor Speed:1GHz
Bus Speed:?
Cache Size/Type:64K L1 (128K combined L1)
512K L2
Systemboard Chipset:ALi 1535+
Graphics Chipset: ATi Radeon Mobility high performance low power chipset
Screen Type:TFT LCD Touch screen
Screen Size:8.9 inches
Resolution:1024×600 Wide-XGA/WXGA
Video Memory:16MB
Video Out:1xVGA, 1xVideo
Touch screen:Yes
Memory Capacity:512MB
Memory Slots:?
Memory Speed:?
Shared With Video:No
Hard Drive Interface:Ultra DMA 66/100
Hard Drive Capacity:40GB through 80GB
60GB – 7200rpm
Hard Drive Size:2.5″
Optical Drive:External
Transmeta Laptops & Desktops Driver download
Battery Type:Lithion Ion
Default Battery Size:3-Cell
Mfr Estimated Runtime:?
Wireless Type:IEEE 802.11b
Ethernet:10/100 Base-T/TX Ethernet
Keyboard:80-key standard keyboard
I/O Ports
USB Ports:2x USB 2.0
Firewire (1394):2xIEEE 1394
PS/2, Serial, Parallel:
PC Card Slots:1x PCMCIA Cardbus Type-I/II
Flash Memory Card:?
Bluetooth:Yes, version 1.1
Port Replicator:?
Other I/O:
Audio Chipset:AC-97
Audio I/O:Microphone jack, Headphone jack
Installed OS:Microsoft® Windows® XP Home or Professional Edition
Transmeta laptops & desktops driver downloads
Fingerprint Reader:
Harddrive Shock Protection:
Hardware Passwords:
Warranty, Misc
Warranty:Available here

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Transmeta laptops & desktops driver downloads

HANDTOPS.COM – July 2004 – As someone who travels every month or two on business, I will be extremely happy with my new travel-mate. It is lightweight, very powerful, fully capable of connecting multiple USB and/or FireWire devices, GPRS, BT and more. The FB will be replacing my travel-worn Fujitsu P-2040 and I would sincerely recommend the FlyBook to everyone who was looking for such a powerful ultra-portable. Well done, Dialogue.

Transmeta Laptops & Desktops Driver Download

Pocket-Lint.Co.UK – July 2005 – Where the Flybook stands out is in its choice of design and features…..while it’s certainly not the best example we’ve seen of a tablet PC, it serves its purpose well.