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Cylon Unitron UC32 is a popular building management system. It’s well-designed engineering software and industry-unique universal input-outputs called Uniputs allowed this system to be installed across a range of sectors including local government, commercial, education, healthcare, retail, financial, industrial, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, hospitality and leisure. Cylon Unitron UC32 driver for Tridium Niagara allows to connect to Unitron LAN port and communicate with Cylon programmable controllers UC32 and programmable unitary controllers UCU. This way Cylon systems could be upgraded with Niagara graphics or integrated with a variety of BMS protocols supported by Niagara. No Cylon software or project database is required for integration, but if project database is available it is possible to export point lists and then import them into Niagara driver — all point names, units and facets will be preserved. Combined with ability to deploy the driver and keep the existing front-end, it allows integrator to transfer the whole Cylon BMS into Niagara in a very short time and without disruption for customer operations. The driver is available in Niagara AX and Niagara N4 versions.


Vaisala Oyj Port Devices Driver

Chapter 1 General Information VAISALA 11. RFL100 Data Logger uses Vaisala’s proprietary VaiNet wireless technology. It can be used to monitor temperature and humidity in a wide range of environments: warehouses, production areas, cleanrooms, laboratories, fridges, cold storage areas, and freezers down to -196 °C (-320.8 °F). Windows will detect the new device, and use the driver automatically. The installation has reserved a COM port for the cable. Verify the port number, and the status of the cable, using the Vaisala USB Instrument Finder program that has been installed in the Windows Start menu. Page 66: User Port. Vaisala offers an optional USB service cable (order code ASM212800) for connecting the transmitter to your PC. The service port is intended for short-term use such as adjustment.