Victor Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download


Free download of drivers for sound cards most popular manufacturers, such as Realtek, Nvidia, Creative, C-Media, ASUS. EXHIBITION SOUND BOX.Rebuilt original. Used on external horn Victors and pre 1920 victrolas.

Victor Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver DownloadCards
  1. The ATI HDMI Audio Device Driver is a software complement to your sound card. License: Free OS: Windows 7 Windows 8 Language: FR Version: R2.70. Download the sound card driver for the Biostar MCP6P M2 Motherboard. License: Free OS: Windows 2000 Windows XP.
  2. Sound Card For Windows 10 free download - Sound Card Analyzer, PDF Reader for Windows 10, Facebook for Windows 10, and many more programs.

The Victor Engine is a collection of plugins and scripts created for RPG Maker MV and RPG Maker VX Ace. Those scripts and plugins were developed to help those who want to improve their games, but lacks the coding knowledge to do so. All the content is free to be used on both commercial and non-commercial projects. For more details check the Terms of Use.

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Victor Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download

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Postage, handling & insurance will be determined by the order and ship-to location.
If remitting by mail, inquire to us for the amount to be added.
The p/h throughout the Catalog may not reflect the amount for your order.

Complete Rebuilding. Exhibition,Victrola No.2. Service includes new gaskets, adjusted, cleaned and tested. See ... Diaphragms, Balance Springs, Rubber Back Flange.

Send part in to APSCO. Please allow 2-12 weeks for delivery.

Labor approx. $68.00

Complete Rebuilding. Orthophonic. Service includes new ball bearings, adjust, clean, and test.

Approximately $78.00


EXHIBITION SOUND BOX. Rebuilt original. Used on external horn Victors and pre 1920 victrolas.

Nickel $155.00

Gold $165.00

VICTROLA NO. 2 SOUND BOX.Rebuilt original. Used on some late model external horn Victors and post 1920 Victrolas.

Nickel $155.00
Gold $165.00


VICTOR III, IV, etc. HORN.Unpainted, Paneled Horn.

$225.00 Write for postage estimate.

HORN ELBOWSVictors I-V (1 to 5). Specify model. Made like the original: nickel plated steel, with flanged base.

Inquire with model and top of bracket ID.

GRILL CLOTH FOR ORTHOPHONICS. Specially-woven acoustic grill cloth. Near to original design and color. 20' W X 36' L. Smaller sizes available - Inquire for price with dimensions. Gold and black - like original..


ORTHOPHONIC TONE ARM SUPPORT. We have made 2 of the many sizes of new Orthophonic tone arm supports. (Distance between the two screws on the skirt of the support which sets on top of the base plate are either 2 3/8' or 2 3/4')
You need to send the base plate with the old, broken support still in place, along with the pin, if you have it and the tone arm. (No reproducer necessary, unless you want us to rebuild the unit: approx. $78 labor) Usual cost is $168 and turn time is about 4-10 weeks. If it is not one of the sizes we offer, we see if a repair can be considered. (Include any broken off piece, if not a bag of crumbles). If not, we return as is.


Our own mica diaphragms made of the highest quality mica, for all model disc reproducers. We machine-cut every size diaphragm listed in Everybody's Talking Machine Catalog. See 'BOOKS'

1 5/16'Edison / Columbia Cylinder type, etc.
1 9/16'Victor Concert, etc.
1 23/32'Victor Exhibition, etc.
1 3/4'Columbia Analyzing - Disc type, etc.
1 7/8'Victrola No. 2 Silvertone, etc.
1 15/16'Sonora, Heineman, etc.
1 31/32'Sonora, Pathe, etc.
2 1/16'Heineman, Vitanola, etc.
2 1/8'Victrola No. 4, Vocalian, etc.
2 5/32'Harmonola, etc.
2 3/16'Columbia Grafonola, Sonora, etc.
2 3/8'Pathe, Vocalian, etc.
2 7/16'Granby, etc.
2 9/16'


Complete with gaskets and wax to seal diaphragm-needle bar screw.


Complete with Red O-Ring gaskets and wax to seal diaphragm-needle bar screw.

See also, 'Complete Rebuilding'.


EXHIBITION GASKETS. Proper dimensions for perfect fit and sound quality. White like original.

1 Set of two $2.95

10 foot length $ 12.00

VICTROLA NO. 2 O RINGS. Proper dimensions for perfect fit and sound quality. Red like original.


Exhibition Balance Springsset of two $9.95
Victrola No. 2 Balance Springsset of two $9.95

WRENCH To adjust balance springs. Specify: Exhibition or Victrola No. 2.

Each $4.50

One of each for $8.00

ORTHOPHONIC NEEDLE BAR BALL BEARINGS 16+ pieces. Comes with material for rubber washers. A must for proper rebuild.


New, like original.$13.95
Victrola No.2 Rubber Back FlangeNew, like original.$11.95
Thumb Screw for Exhibition Needle Bar new$6.95
Thumb Screw for Victrola No. 2 Needle Barnew $6.95

TAP BROKEN THUMB SCREW STUD. Send needle bar only, unless part of a repair/rebuild job. Approximately ... $10.00

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Davenport Center, N.Y. 13751
Voice & FAX: 607-278-6218
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Victor Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download

Victor Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download