West Mountain Radio Driver Download For Windows


Wmrcba is a Python library for controlling a West Mountain Radio CBAIV. Libusb is used, tested in both Linux and Windows. A simple Linux udev rules file is provided, as well as a Windows libusb WinUSB driver. See the /drivers/ folders of the GitHub repo for these files. Windows users can also use the Windows drivers provided by West Mountain. All of our Windows drivers (except Windows 98 and Windows 2000) are also available via Windows Update as they are digitally signed with Microsoft. The old RIGblaster Advantage Windows drivers for Windows 98 and Windows 2000 can be downloaded here. C:Program Files (x86)West Mountain RadioCBA SoftwareCBA4 Drivers The location for that drivers folder in the CBA software is (assuming software was installed to defualt location) on a 32bit version of Windows: C:Program FilesWest Mountain RadioCBA SoftwareCBA4 Drivers 7.) The drivers should then load and the green LED will turn on. If you do not know how to access your “Recording Control Panel” read your Windows help and/or the Oct 2003 QST article entitled “The In’s and Out’s of a Sound Card”. The article is available on the West Mountain Radio web page and is linked from the RIGblaster CD ROM. Page 6: Step 5: Ptt Setup. Trusted Windows (PC) download Battery Optimizer Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Battery Optimizer alternative downloads. West Mountain Radio.

The WMR Device Diagnostic Utility software allows you to view and change which COM port your RIGblaster is connected to. It also allows you to test a COM port to make sure that the RIGblaster is functioning correctly. This software can be used with all RIGblaster models. It can also be used to monitor and change settings in the Epic PWRgate.

- Includes COMport Splitter v that works with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and XP SP3

Software Installation How to Renumber the RIGblaster COM Port COM Port Tester

The RIGblasters have been tested on Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. They should also work on Windows 98 Second Edition as long as all Microsoft USB updates have been applied.


All of our Windows drivers (except Windows 98 & Windows 2000) are also available via Windows Update as they are digitally signed with Microsoft.

Software Installation

The WMR Diagnostics software contains drivers for all our products and an easy pre-installation and diagnostic program.

Ensure that the 'Pre-Install Drivers' check-box is checked and click on the 'Next' button.

The next window will ask you if you want our diagnostic software to start each time Windows starts up. We recommend you do this as we have provided facilities in the software to allow easy configuration of the RIGblasters without having to navigate through the Windows Control Panel and Windows Device-manager.

Whether you have chosen to install our software or not, click on the 'Next' button and follow the Wizard prompts until installation is complete.

Note: The green PWR LED will blink when incoming or outgoing audio is detected and will remain solid when idle. This LED will only be illuminated if the driver installation was successful.

After successful installation, you should notice a new icon in your Windows system-tray. If you click this icon, you should see a window similar to figure A2. This is our diagnostic software which allows you to monitor the state of your Windows COM ports and sound-devices and to make changes if necessary.

In this example, a quick glance at the main screen will show that this computer has three COM ports (your computer may show only one COM port - the RIGblaster COM port). In this example, the RIGblaster Advantage is set to COM port 19 and is running driver dated 10-18-2013.

Windows may assign any number for the COM port after first installation. We have found that Windows treats COM1 to COM4 as 'special', and for this reason we don't recommend using a RIGblaster on a COM port less than 5.

Another point to bear in mind is that some digital mode software, especially older software, may not allow a COM port greater than 8, in which case you will need to renumber your COM port to a value within the range 5-8.

How to Renumber the RIGblaster COM Port

If you need to renumber your RIGblaster COM port, we have provided a simple way to do this using our diagnostic software:

Right-click over the COM port you wish to change and select 'Change Port #' from the popup menu. You will be presented with a window where you may type a new value. After clicking on the 'OK' button, you must disconnect and then reconnect your RIGblaster USB cable.

There are other functions that we have provided in the diagnostic software which you might find useful:

The 'Utilities' button at the lower part of the screen includes options to download the latest drivers from the Internet and automatically e-mail West Mountain Radio technical support with operating parameters. You do not need to do this unless asked by our technical support staff.

The 'Show All' button shouldn't be used unless directed to by our technical support staff.

The 'Refresh' button simply refreshes the display. Useful if you make changes and need to confirm the current configuration.

Right-clicking over an item will bring up a popup-menu with the following options:

  • Detail: Gives a listing of device driver details.
  • Update Driver: Starts the driver update routine.
  • Change Port #: Allows you to quickly change the RIGblaster COM port.
  • Rename: If you wish to rename any of the devices. Unless you have a reason to do so, we recommend you don't use this option.
  • Test: Start the COM port tester. Refer to Figure A3.
  • Volume: Allows quick access to the Windows volume control associated with this item.

COM Port Tester

Figure A3 - COM Port Test Window

There are two buttons on the COM port test window (DTR and RTS) which are useful for checking correct functionality of the RIGblaster.

Clicking on the RTS button should activate the PTT line & relay.

Clicking on the DTR button should activate the CW/FSK keying line.

For advanced users, connecting up a loop-back on the DB9 connector will allow you to verify proper serial port operation.


RIGblaster Advantage



  • RIGblaster Advantage Unit
  • (1) 1/8' Audio Cables, 6 ft.
  • (1) 8-pin Screw-on Custom Mic Cable, 3 ft
  • Instant Setup Connectors for RIGblaster Advantage, Plus II, Plus and Pro
  • USB cable
  • DVD with Device Drivers, Owner's Manual & Collection of Ham Radio Sound Card Software
  • Accessory Kit
    • (8) White Jumpers
    • (5) Blue Shunt Jumpers


  • Operate your favorite digital mode program simultaneously with your favorite logging program using the RIGblaster's virtual
    COMport Splitter software
  • Internal sound card generates audio completely independently from PC's sound card
  • Single plug and play USB cable connection to PC - no separate audio/rig control cables or power supply needed
  • Automatically mutes mic audio while transmitting digital modes
  • Includes Instant Setup Connectors and cables for microphone configuration
  • Front panel mounted transmit and receive audio controls with VOX delay control
  • Rig control interfaces for CAT, CI-V or DB9 on radio
  • High speed (50 wpm) CW keying output for keyboard CW and RTTY software

Completely Integrated Sound Card

  • Eliminates need to reconfigure computer's internal sound card for digital mode operation
  • Frees computer's existing sound card to generate system sounds, music etc. without danger of unintentional transmission

Computer Interface

  • Supplied with plug and play USB cable interface
  • USB provides positive PTT, CW/FSK keying, CAT/CI-V rig control and sound card
  • Microsoft® certified USB drivers are automatically installed from Windows Update
  • Powered through USB cable, no wall supply needed

Compatible with All Manufacturers' Radios

  • Pre-wired microphone jumper blocks known as ISCs enable users to match microphone connector wiring schemes without having to refer to wiring diagrams. Six ISCs are provided (three 'Round Metal' and three 'RJ45 Modular') to cover the most popular radios - Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood, JRC, SGC and Elecraft
  • Older radios can usually be wired up with individual jumpers
  • Works with any radio that has a 'Foster' 8 pin round screw on microphone connector or RJ45 modular connector - click here to check compatibility
  • Any radio with RJ25 6 wire microphone connector with the purchase of an optional FT100 style 6 wire modular mic cable
  • Any radio with 4 pin round microphone connector with the purchase of a optional 4 pin mic cable

Built-in Rig Control

  • CAT/CI-V and DB9 rig control interface built in
  • Custom CAT/CI-V cables available as accessories

True Keyed CW/FSK*

  • DTR controlled CW/FSK keying circuit for CW or true FSK RTTY*

* Not all transceivers are capable of FSK RTTY

Mic/Keying/Audio Flexibility

  • RTS, Footswitch or Vox PTT keying circuit
  • Front panel mounted transmit and receive audio level knobs makes it easy to adjust transmit/receive levels on the fly without having to make changes in software sound levels
  • No extra manual switches needed, includes DPDT relay for true automatic operation unlike other sound card interfaces
  • Simpler operation than the other brands, you never have to remember to push un-needed switches to make your station work
  • Rear panel RCA PTT switch / foot switch jack enables the PTT override and interrupt
  • Properly matched and RF suppressed audio for your radio
  • Fully isolated transmit audio and PTT keying, unlike other interfaces that have little or no isolation
  • Positive and fully automatic PTT control supports almost 100 ham programs


Overall Dimensions (maximum w/o cables)1 1/4' H x 6 1/4' W x 4' D
Weight24 oz.
DC Power RequirementsUSB Powered
PTT Max Contact Rating2A @ 24V or 1A @ 48V
CW/FSK Direct Keying RatingsTransistor logic only, tube rigs not supported. Postive pull down 20mA max.
Serial Interface PortUSB
TTL Rig Control Interface Port (dual circuit mini jack connector)Standard TTL 5V logic, selectable bi-directional or unidirectional

The microphone audio is completely isolated from all other grounds.

The PTT relay provides adequate current and voltage capability to switch tube rigs.


  • RIGblaster Advantage Unit
  • USB cable
  • Accessory Kit
    • (8) White Jumpers
    • (5) Blue Shunt Jumpers

A DVD of the RIGblaster Software Collection is the standard media. If you are unable to use DVD media, you may request the software on a three (3) CD Set. When ordering online, in the comments section of the order form, type in 'Request 3 CD Set'. Alternately, the collection of software programs may be individually downloaded here.

The owner's manual is available in PDF format on the DVD and online. If you require a printed manual, request 'Printed Manual' in the Notes section of the online order.

Quality Declaration

This product has been tested to comply with Part 15 of the FCC rules for a Class B computer peripheral and digital device for use in the home and office. This testing is done to ensure the product does not generate RF interference.

The Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 PC device drivers for this product have passed Microsoft WHQL testing and are certified. Using certified drivers simplifies the driver installation process and ensures the driver is not going to crash or otherwise damage the PC configuration. The Windows 98 and 2000 drivers are supported.

This product is fully enclosed in a metal case and has passed testing at West Mountain Radio to show high immunity to RF interference from amateur radio equipment. This ensures that in a typical station the RF field will not corrupt data transfer.

Audio quality testing on this product has shown it to perform excellent with audio signals from 300 to 5000 hz. This demonstrates a low level of distortion for both data and voice.

This product has full D.C. isolation on critical circuitry/connections to prevent ground loops and hum pickup.

Product designed, tested and used by ham radio operators onsite.

RIGblaster Accessories

West Mountain Radio Driver Download For Windows 7

Books & Software
DVD of Sound Card Software Collection

West Mountain Radio Driver Download For Windows

RIGblaster Accessories
RB Jumpers - ISC: Yaesu 8 Pin Round Metal - Isolated
RB Jumpers - Standard Instant Setup Connectors
RB Jumpers - ISC: Baofeng/Kenwood HT Cable
USB GPS Module

West Mountain Radio Driver Download For Windows 10

Audio from Rig
RB Mic to 2.5mm (HT) Cable Kit
CW for any 1/8' or 1/4' Radio, 6ft
1/8' (3.5mm) Stereo M-M Cable, 6ft
Audio to Rig
RB Mic to 8 Pin Round Cable, 3ft
RB Mic to 8 Pin Round Cable, 6ft
RB Mic to RJ45 Cable, 3ft
RB Mic to RJ25 (Yaesu Modular 6) Cable, 3ft
4 Pin to 8 Pin Round Conversion Kit
RB Mic to Elecraft KX3/FX9A Cable, 6ft
Fixed Level Audio + FSK for ICOM DIN-8
Fixed Level Audio + FSK for ICOM DIN-13
Fixed Level Audio + FSK for Yaesu DIN-4
Fixed Level Audio + FSK for Kenwood DIN-13
Fixed Level Audio + FSK for Yaesu MiniDIN-6
Fixed Level Audio
Fixed Level Audio for ICOM DIN-8
Fixed Level Audio for Yaesu RCA
Fixed Level Audio for Yaesu MiniDIN-6
Rig Control
DB9F to DB9F Serial Cable
RIG Control Cable for Icom CI-V
KW232 Interface Module
RIG Control Cable for Yaesu MiniDIN-8
RIG Control Cable for Yaesu DIN-6
DB9F to DB9M Serial Extension Cable, 6ft
RIG Control Cable - DB9F to DB9F, 6ft